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DarkZero Wins $2,000,000 Apex Legends Global Series Championship

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DarkZero brought the world championship home to Asia Pacific South but the team might be competing from North America next year.
FURIA earned 50 points for match-point eligibility before everyone else but it could not close things off.
With the ALGS championship win in the bag, DarkZero has become the back-to-back champion at Apex Legends LAN events this year.

After securing a win at the Stockholm ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series) Playoffs earlier this year, DarkZero (formerly Reignite) has secured back-to-back LAN wins to become the first-ever Apex legends world champion. The trio of Rhys “Zer0” Perry, Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose, and Rick “Sharky” Wirth have brought the world championship to Asia-Pacific (APAC) South. The team from Australia competed from APAC South under Reignite but there are talks of the roster moving to North America for the next championship.

ALGS World Championship Finals Recap

The finals featured a matchpoint format that required teams to play a minimum of six games. Any team that secured 50 points or more would qualify for “match point eligibility”. Match point games would take place after the sixth game and any eligible team earning a win would win the world championship.

FURIA dominated the entire event and was match-point eligible for three games in a row but it failed to secure a win despite securing over 50 points in just 5 games. DarkZero on the other hand secured match-point in the eighth game and managed to win game nine to take home the world championship. There were ten eligible teams by game nine and it could have been anyone’s game but the ALGS Playoffs champion sealed the deal.

Genburten puts cheating accusations to rest

One of the biggest talking points in the Apex Legends community has been that Genburten is a cheater. The player has proven time and again that he is simply better than most players in the world and has over 30 tournament first-place finishes throughout his Apex Legends career. He could not play in the previous LAN event since he tested positive for COVID-19.

The player has killed cheater squads on multiple occasions and is one of the best controller players in the world. Players in the Apex Legends community have tried to pin his success on aim assist, but a large number of pro teams in the ALGS had at least one controller player and Genburten along with his squamates was able to come out on top and the team became the world championship-winning squad.

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