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Chamber and Fade Dominated the Meta at Valorant Champions 2022

Abhimannu Das
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Chamber had a 66.86% pick rate and was picked 100% of the time on Icebox.
Fade was the second most picked agent with a much lower 53.49% pick rate.
Phoenix, Cypher, Yoru and Reyna saw play less than 6% of the time at the world championship.

Chamber was by far the most dominant agent throughout Valorant Champions 2022. The agent was picked 115 out of 172 times throughout the world championship which translates to a 66.86% pickrate. He was picked 90% of the time on Icebox and 100% of the time on Fracture. While other agents like Viper, Sova and Raze also have maps where they were always picked, Chamber’s pick rates are high across the board. The only other agent that broke the 50% pick rate mark is Fade, who was picked 92 out of 172 times (53.49%).

Top five agents at Valorant Champions 2022

Here are the top five agents at Valorant Champions 2022 based on stats from The Spike.

  • Chamber - 66.86% pick rate

  • Fade - 53.49% pick rate

  • Viper - 45.93% pick rate

  • KAY/0 - 44.77% pick rate

  • Omen - 34.88% pickrate

Valorant Champions 2022 Pick Rates

Raze, Sova and Jett also had over 30% pick rate but everyone else trailed behind by a lot. The least picked agents were Reyna and Yoru, who were picked just two times each. Phoenix and Cypher also had under 10% pick rate, but the meta is likely to get shaken up by Riot Games.

Riot Games revealed earlier this month, “we’ll nerf Chamber in ways that should make drawbacks of picking him sharper with the intention that our best players shouldn’t always gravitate towards Chamber.”

Cypher is also being looked at and will receive some buffs to restore his presence in the Sentinel spot. He was one of the most popular agents at launch but he slowly fell off over the years. The devs are also monitoring Phoenix’s kit and may change the role of flashes in Valorant as a whole.

Despite Phoenix’s high pick rate in ranked play, he barely saw any play at Champions. He is one of the better solo queue agents in the game which is why there is a marked disparity between pick rates in-game and at professional events.

With Champions 2022 coming to an end, we can expect a balance patch to go live in the coming weeks. A new patch with the ChronoVoid skin lineup will be available starting 21st September but it is unknown if the balance changes mentioned by Riot Games will be available with the same update.

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