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Call of Duty: Warzone Reveals New ‘Rebirth of the Dead’ Battle Royale Mode

Abhimannu Das
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Zombie Royale is coming back as Rebirth of the Dead in Warzone, featuring all-new mechanics.
The game mode will be available starting 27th July and it will be free-to-play for all players.
The matches will take place in a modified version of Rebirth Island and it will be restricted to 40 players per lobby.

Call of Duty is getting a brand-new battle royale mode with just 40 players per lobby. Players can team up in squads of up to four in the new mode and all of the matches will take place on Rebirth Island, which is being revamped with a foggy atmosphere. All players that perish will be resurrected as zombies with a few special abilities. Securing kills as a zombie will get players an opportunity to cure themselves and return to the fray as an operator. The new mode will feature exclusive rewards for playing and completing challenges.

Rebirth of the Dead is a fresh take on Zombie Royale

Rebirth of the Dead is an altered Mini Royale where up to 40 players can drop in as part of a Quad (a team of up to four players). In addition to exploring a haunted Rebirth Island under the cover of a late-day fog, Operators who perish will be brought back to life as a zombie with the following abilities:

Charged Jump: Close gaps or switch up movement patterns with this fast-recharging ability. The longer you hold down the command to make a Charged Jump, the farther and higher you’ll leap.

EMP Blast: Destroy enemy electronics — including equipment like Proximity Mines, as well as vehicles, and digital optics — and disable the HUD of any Operators within the blast radius.

Gas Grenade: Damage and disorient your enemies using the Gas Grenade, which spews out toxic particles in a small radius emanating from you. Great when combined with the EMP Blast and in close quarters.

Just like in the previous Zombie Royale, eliminating Operators grants Zombies Syringes, the antidote for their undead condition. A Zombie needs four syringes to be redeployed as an Operator. New to Rebirth of the Dead, lone syringes can be found in Supply Boxes, Medical Supplies, and Buy Stations.

Zombies are now able to open Supply Boxes, Resurgence Supply Boxes, and even doors, but cannot break open those heavy, cube-shaped Drop Crates without the help of an Operator. Loose syringes will also be outlined through obstacles, walls, and other cover pieces that will be easy to spot.

Alternatively, a Zombie will get two syringes for eliminating a human Operator. Or, if they perform a Finishing Move on that Operator, they will get four syringes. At the start of an Infestation, every spectator (players killed in action) will be respawned. This gives an “extra afterlife” to players who may have gotten eliminated early from the game.

The other event during Rebirth of the Dead is the Medical Supplies event. As its name implies, this event deposits Medical Supplies containing Syringes and high-rarity gear around the map. Operators can crack them open for their Zombified squadmates.

Other than these differences, the rules of Rebirth of the Dead are like a standard Mini Royale: the circle collapse waits for no Operator or Zombie, although the latter can move through the gas, and the last surviving squad wins.

Here are the challenges available as part of the new mode:

  • “Last Alive” Calling Card – Win a match as a human

  • “Head Scratcher” Calling Card – Perform a Finishing Move as a zombie

The new game mode is set to arrive on 27th July and it is free-to-play.

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