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Call of Duty Back With Warzone Rebirth Iron Trials Mode: Know About New Rules and Twists

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Call of Duty is back with a new version of Iron Trials featuring Rebirth Island in Season Two.
The new mode restricts players to duos only and all players will have 250 HP.
UAVs are also purchasable for $6,000 but it may be increased to $9,000 in the future.

Call of Duty (COD) just received a new update which has added tons of new content for Season Two. The biggest change in the new update is that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are now available for purchase in Buy Stations. The developers have decided to reintroduce UAVs at the lower price point of $6,000. The price may be increased to $9,000 in the future depending on player data collected by Raven Software over the coming weeks.

Iron Trials is back in Call of Duty

COD is incomplete without Iron Trials and the game mode is back as part of the 3rd March Playlist update. The new Iron Trials mode is coming to Rebirth Island and shall be following the same recipe as the standard battle royale game mode. Your goal is to be the last team standing and the Circle Collapse shrinks the player area throughout the game. Those who die earlier in the game have a chance to respawn if they win a duel in the Rebirth Island Gulag.

Call of Duty Warzone

There are some changes introduced to the mode due to Iron Trials, which include:


  • No free Loadout Drops — those who want to use their custom-built weaponry and gain access to Perks will need to purchase one at a premium.

  • Vehicles: Only ATVs are available.

All item prices have also been increased. The cash retained on death has also been increased to 30%.


Melee Finisher Damage has been removed.


  • Base Health: Compared to a normal match, all players’ base health is increased from 100 to 250.

  • Health Regeneration: The regen delay timer has been increased from 5 to 7 seconds and regen per second has been decreased from 120 per second to 40. It may be wise for players to reconsider preferred Perks and Equipment.

  • Starting Equipment: Players drop in with a Top Break (VG) & Sawtooth (VG).


  • Overall: The item pool for Supply Boxes and items found on the ground have been significantly altered from that seen in standard play.

  • Basic Attachments: Common Weapons will start with an Attachment - mostly to provide their max magazine size.

  • Rarity Spawn Rates: Epic and Legendary weapons are now harder to find. Players will have to open a few more boxes than usual to find what they’re looking for.

  • Killstreaks: Drop rates have been reduced. Time to stop spamming UAVs and to start putting those senses to the test.

  • Cash Spawns: Larger piles of cash are rarer. Players will have to stay on top of scavenging for cash if they plan to afford a Loadout.

  • Field Upgrades: No Dead Silence. No Stopping Power Rounds.

Sniper Rifles

A single headshot from a Sniper Rifle will only down an enemy if they are within 30 meters. This gives time for those on the receiving end of a long shot to react.

Stun Grenades

  • Stun effect duration decreased by 50%.

Medical Syringes

The health regeneration rate has been decreased by 50%. Upon taking non-Incendiary, direct damage from another player, the Medical Syringe’s increased health regeneration effects will be canceled and standard health regeneration will begin–which can be interrupted by any source of damage. Additionally, the movement speed bonus gained when using a Medical Syringe has been decreased from 8% to 3%.

Gulag Changes

  • Loadouts: No akimbo. No semi-auto or fully auto Shotguns. Limited selection of Tactical Equipment.

  • Redeployment: If players happen to survive their Gulag match, they’ll redeploy with whatever equipment is leftover from that fight. Be mindful of those resources.

COD’s new Iron Trials Mode restricts the team size to two to make up for the new time-to-kill. In addition to the new Iron Trials mode, there are a number of bug fixes and quality of life improvements in the new Call of Duty update.

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