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Best Team Comp to Play When Overwatch 2 Launches

Abhimannu Das
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Lucio and Brigitte continue to be the most dominant healer duo in Overwatch 2 esports.
Junker Queen is the go-to tank for aggresive players who like a brawler playstyle.
Genji and Sojourn are the meta DPS options at the moment as they pair remarkably well in the team.

Overwatch 2 is set to launch next week on 4th October and fans are excited to try out the new iteration of the game. Unlike the old Overwatch, teams will now have just one tank which drastically changes the dynamic of the game. Esports players have already uncovered what the best team composition (comp) in Overwatch 2 is going to be as almost all teams are deploying the same strategy for months using Junker Queen as a brawler instead of a traditional “main tank.”

Junker Queen is here to rule the meta

The most popular team comp by a landslide includes Junker Queen, Genji, Sojourn, Brigitte and Lucio. The team lacks a “main healer” and a “main tank.” Instead, you go all in with aggressive plays with Junker Queen in charge of leading the team. Here’s how each of the roles work.

Junker Queen

Junker Queen in tandem with Lucio can give teammates a speed boost and offers defensive utility to protect allies during aggressive pushes. She can also apply the anti-heal debuff to prevent enemy teams from healing during her ult, which can be devastating if she lands her ultimate on multiple targets.


The cyborg ninja can finish off low HP targets with his quick dashes and keep harassing the backline to build up his Dragonblade. Genji’s ultimate can be devastating when paired with Junker Queen or Lucio’s ultimates as enemies will have limited ways to counter it.


Sojourn is a hitscan DPS hero who can power up one-shot kills just by dealing damage to enemies. If you are not paying attention to Sojourn and she catches you blinking, you will find yourself in the respawn room in an instant.


Brigitte enables teams to push in while getting healed and she can also offer a ton of sustained AOE (area of effect) healing with Inspire. Both her Rally and her passive healing can be potent during team fights and make the difference between winning or losing fights. She is incredibly hard to kill and is the tankiest healer in the game.


Lucio also has a ton of self-sustain and can keep himself alive using his wall riding capabilities that are exclusive to him in the entire roster. Sound Barrier is one of the best ultimates in the game and can negate enemy ultimates or set up perfect pushes to secure a point or win a team fight.

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