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Apex Legends Streamers Think Ranked Mode is “Falling Apart”

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends' ranked mode is not in the best state right now according to the game's content creators.
Multiple pro players and content creators have requested major changes to prevent the rampant cheating problem at higher ranks.
Some players also want changes to the meta characters to make ranked mode more enjoyable.

A number of Apex Legends content creators talked about how frustrating it is to play ranked in the current meta. The rise of cheaters in Master and Predator lobbies is noticeable with a large number of popular streamers complaining about it for months. Just like other multiplayer games, Apex Legends has to deal with cheaters as well but sometimes they are capable of shutting down entire lobbies or locking people out of accounts. Respawn Entertainment has deployed some fixes to crack down on DDOSers but there is no stopping the influx of players who are willing to use exploits in Apex Legends.

Why is Ranked Mode Full of Cheaters

There have been multiple ban waves but the number of cheaters in higher ranks is still high. One of the deterrents to cheaters is the requirement to hit level 10 but cheaters have easy access to smurfs and are able to hide their actual hardware IDs to evade hardware bans using HWID spoofers. Apex player Christian ‘Nokokopuffs’ Feliciano talked about how Ranked is falling apart with cheaters running riot. He said in a tweet “What is Ranked rn…. what is happening to Apex? It’s quite literally falling apart before our eyes and no ones saying s**t. It’s all “Stop complaining streamer” but what the f**k?! This is getting ridiculous.”

A number of content creators chimed in and shared the same thoughts with NRG Rogue talking about how Apex Legends’ ranked is in a rough place right now. G2’s Dezignful shared some ideas that might help with the ranked experience. He cited CS:GO’s example and explained that a system similar to Counter-Strike’s prime matches could be a good idea where players would have to pay for better matchmaking.

He added “Apex ranked could cost $ and in return reward players with skins, EA coins, heirloom shards for their rank/placement of that season to help mitigate the cheater problem.” Others agreed with the sentiment and Apex YouTuber CloverWzy also had a few things to say about the current meta.

He thinks that Bloodhound, Octane’s jump pad and Spitfire need nerfs while Revenant needs a complete rework. The Revenant-Octane meta plagued King’s Canyon and fans are not a fan of how oppressive Bloodhound feels with his ability to scan enemies behind walls. CloverWzy also added the cheater problem to the list of issues he thinks Respawn Entertainment should fix to improve ranked.

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