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Apex Legends Releases Unannounced Massive Buff to Care Package

Abhimannu Das
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All Apex Legends care package weapons now have a 25% chance to show up at any time.
Previously, the care package weapons had different drop rates depending on whether you were in the early game, mid-game or late-game.
It is unknown if the change is intentional or a bug.

Care package weapons in Apex Legends can win games on their own in the right hands. From the Mastiff’s lethal close-range damage to the Kraber’s one-taps, there is no doubt that getting these weapons early game can change the course of any match. And it looks like Respawn Entertainment made a huge change to the care package without telling anyone. In a recent hotfix, Respawn released some important bug fixes but it looks like the weapon drop rates from the care package were also tweaked.

All weapons now have a 25% droprate

It looks like all weapons in the care package now have a 25% drop rate, which is surprising because Respawn has always left the Kraber in the care package with a low drop rate. With a 25% chance to get the Kraber in Round One, it can change the outcome of a game.

Currently, there are four weapons available in the care package:

  • Kraber 0.50 Cal Sniper

  • Mastiff Shotgun

  • Bocek Bow

  • Rampage LMG

Prior to the most recent hotfix, Respawn had different drop rates for these weapons based on whether you were in the early game, mid-game, or late-game. Weapons like the Kraber were less likely to show up while weapons like the Rampage LMG and Bocek had higher odds of appearing.

It is currently unknown if the change is intentional or a bug as Respawn did not release the official patch notes for the recent update. With there being no change in drop rate between the early game and late game, it is possible that the change is not intentional.

If you spot a care package, you should try and contest as the weapons can be game changers. But it also means that other players who are aware of the enhanced drop rates are more likely to try and grab these lethal weapons, so be prepared for a fight whenever you try and snag a weapon.

The Rampage LMG currently suffers from a bug where it does not have a UI prompt for Thermite Grenades to help you load the ordinance when you need it to charge your weapon. Players are no longer able to ping and ask for the grenade and you will need to ask via in-game chat instead.

The weapon does come with a Thermite Grenade within the care package itself, and it also does not stay permanently charged like many players assumed it would when it became a part of the care package.

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