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Apex Legends Pros Do Not Want to Get Vaccinated Ahead of Stockholm LAN

Abhimannu Das
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Cloud9's Paris “StayNaughty” Gouzoulis and some other pros are seemingly not vaccinated ahead of the upcoming ALGS event.
EA has not made it mandatory for all players to be vaccinated but it is "strongly encouraged."
There are currently no travel or vaccine restrictions for foreign nationals in Sweden.

Apex Legends is set to host its first LAN esports event since 2019 in Stockholm later this month. With global pandemic restrictions being eased across the world, EA does not want to take any chances and has established COVID-19 guidelines for the upcoming Apex Legends Global Series (ALGSS) playoffs event. But some pro players are unwilling to get vaccinated for the event, which has raised some concerns within the Apex community.

The ALGS Stockholm LAN does not require vaccination

The upcoming event will feature a $1 million USD prize pool and it will serve as a gateway to the ALGS world championships later this year. With players from five different regions competing in the event, it is necessary to have proper precautions in place. But EA does not require all players to be vaccinated but it is “highly encouraged” according to a statement to Dot Esports by an EA sportsperson.

Earlier this month Paris “StayNaughty” Gouzoulis from Cloud9 said that he will not take a COVID-19 vaccine despite the risks. He told his teammate Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith on stream, “I’m not getting it. They’re not gonna force it, I promise.”

After Albralelie tried to convince him otherwise. StayNaughty said, “They can’t enforce it a week and a half before and cuck people out of going to LAN, that will start a f***ing riot… I’m not getting the Johnson and Johnson. I’m not putting the f***ing disease in my body.” He also mentioned that pro players from Team Liquid and G2 are also not vaccinated and that they would not be able to compete if EA makes vaccinations mandatory.

Unlike Valorant’s LAN events this year which allow players to compete even if they test positive for COVID, Apex will not allow it. Any player who tests positive during the event will be barred from competing. There are no special arrangements in place to allow players to compete remotely. However, teams can use substitute players in such cases.

On 1st April, Corona virus related entry requirements for foreign nationals were relaxed in Sweden. Anyone who is unvaccinated can enter the country freely and the safety of all the players and everyone else involved in the upcoming LAN event falls on EA’s shoulders. With some players refusing to vaccinate, there could be risks involved but hopefully, the event takes place without anyone getting infected.

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