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Apex Legends Metamorphosis: Schedule, Where to Watch

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends Metamorphosis is the newest cinematic in the Stories from The Outlands series by Respawn.
The new cinematic will air on 19th July at 3 PM GMT/4 PM BST/8.30 PM IST/11:00 PM SGT and might feature the game's newest legend.
Fans can check out the cinematic on the official Apex Legends YouTube channel later tonight.

Update: The Stories from The Outlands cinematic did not reveal much about the upcoming character. Instead, it teased a proper Season 10 reveal at the next EA play on 22 July, 2021. Fans will have to wait a little longer until they get a closer look at the upcoming legend.

Respawn Entertainment could be giving fans a closer look into all of the strange occurrences going on in World’s Edge and Olympus tonight with a brand-new Stories from The Outlands cinematic. Strange noises are being heard in Olympus from the “infested” carrier craft that floats outside the map while there are tremors in World’s Edge, indicating that something big is about to happen. Respawn might also give us a glimpse into the game’s next legend. The studio has already put out three teasers to hype fans up for the upcoming legend and we might get some more news later tonight.

Apex Legends Metamorphosis: Schedule

The upcoming Apex Legends Metamorphosis cinematic should advance the lore of Apex universe. In the game’s previous Stories from The Outlands cinematic, we got a closer look into Valkyrie’s past and got a proper introduction to the character, tying her into the lore of Titanfall 2. The new cinematic which is supposed to air tonight my showcase the game’s next legend or give us insights on what’s going on in World’s Edge and Olympus.

If you want to watch the cinematic live, you can watch it on the official Apex Legends YouTube channel tonight. The Premiere link is already up and you can set a reminder on YouTube via the official link if you want to be notified when the video goes live.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHWlJlMkTcg

Schedule: 19 July, 2021 – 3 PM GMT/4 PM BST/8.30 PM IST/11:00 PM SGT

Apex Legends Metamorphosis: What to expect

Fans are speculating that a new character will be revealed in the upcoming cinematic and it will tie into the lore of the recent occurrences in Olympus or World’s Edge. Not much is known about the upcoming legend but Respawn has already put out a string of animated shorts titled ‘The Moth and The Flame’ hinting at the game’s next legend.

The teaser talks about a young princess who was blind and how she found love under the window of the room her parents locked her in. The video talks about how “His voice drifted through her window and wrapped around her heart and they fell in love. The young man asked her to keep a candle lit for him as he’d return that night to spirit her away. The king and queen, however, were listening, and out of fear of losing their daughter, they captured the young man and locked him away.”

It will be interesting to see what’s in store in the upcoming Apex Legends Metamorphosis cinematic and how the lore of the game progresses in Season 10.

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