Apex Legends Leaks Reveal New Legend “Alter” Is Coming in Season 21; All Abilities


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Apex Legends Leaks Reveal New Legend “Alter” Is Coming in Season 21; All Abilities

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Fresh Apex Legends leaks reveal a new Legend called 'Alter' with unique and powerful abilities like Void Nexus and Void Passage.
Leaks suggest that the upcoming Alter will likely to be added to the game in Season 21.

It's a known fact that Apex Legends is one of the most popular shooters out there. EA's battle royale title has been around since early 2019, and after five years, it has more than 20 playable characters, unique cosmetics, maps, and more. Recently, the Apex community welcomed the Shadow Society Event, which included Cobalt Katar and character changes. However, fans look forward to what's to come. A known Apex Legends insider has shared the arrival of a new potential Legend called "Alter."

New Apex Legends Leaks Reveal “Alter” Abilities

The leaks come from reputable Apex Legends leaker @Osvaldatore on X, who shared an image and brief overview of the upcoming Legend called ‘Alter’.

Alter's Passive Ability, called "Gift from the Rift," allows Alter to interact remotely with a deathbox to receive a single item. 

Alter's Tactical ability, called "Voice Passage," allows Alter to generate a portal through a surface.

Finally, Alter's Ultimate ability is called "Void Nexus." This would allow Alter to generate a regroup point with which all teammates can interact to open a phase tunnel back to the location. It's like Revenant's Death Totem ability, but rather than returning to a location on death, players will be able to select a return of their own choice.

@HYPERMYSTx also confirmed that the Legend will be added to the game next season. Alter's debut in Season 21 will make it the 26th Legend added to the battle royale title. It's crucial to remember that developers still haven't officially revealed Alter. There's a chance that pre-release abilities might differ from the finalized ones, so Alter could look and play completely differently when revealed. The leaks are typically at least within the ballpark of what these Legends can do, so you can certainly expect some strong void-based abilities. 

When Is Apex Legends Season 21 Coming?

Apex Legends Season 21 is expected to launch on 7th May 2024. While nothing is official yet, it makes sense to think that's the correct date, as the Battle Pass ends for Season 20 that week. Therefore, players can expect to play with the brand-new Legend from the second week of May 2024. 

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