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Apex Legends Class Overhaul Is Likely to Arrive in February

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends' class changes can potentially bring characters like Lifeline and Mirage into the meta.
There will be five classes under the new system according to datamined information.
The changes are likely to go through in Apex Legends Season 16.

Apex Legends has had a class system since its release but there were no predefined roles outside the Recon class. Unlike MOBAs or hero shooters, Apex Legends’ system did not have dedicated perks for all the classes and that is about to change with some of the weaker legends set to receive some form of buffs through upcoming class changes. While the changes have been teased for months, the newest Apex Legends patch had some information that was datamined which reveals all of the new classes heading into Season 16.

Everything we know about Apex Legends’ class changes

These are likely to be the new classes in Apex Legends under the new system: 

  • Assault

  • Skirmisher

  • Recon

  • Defense

  • Support

Some of these classes have unique traits in the game files with mobility-based legends likely to be included in the Skirmisher class while characters with offensive abilities are likely to be included in Assault. Recon and Support legends were already present in the game but the Support class was underperforming in recent seasons, which makes it likely that there will be some form of buffs included for the class.

Defense legends are likely to have Gibraltar, Newcastle, Caustic, Catalyst, Wattson and possibly Rampart. They can help bunker up in places and protect teammates much better than any of the characters. Class-wide passives would make the game’s classes a lot more interesting.

Currently, the only two impactful passives that are available to multiple legends are the Recon passive and Fortified. The Recon passive allows players of the Recon class to scan beacons to see the location of the next zone on the map with Pathfinder being the only legend who also gets a cooldown reduction on his ultimate. 

Fortified is available to select legends only and it might be the passive that is available to all Defense legends. Fortified legends receive reduced body shot damage (was previously all damage) but it has been a controversial feature that may be changed in some way.

Apex Legends Season 16 is set to drop sometime around 14th February, so players have to wait just over a month to see what the new balance changes will bring to the table. 

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