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Apex Legends’ #1 Predator “Facilitatur” Gets Banned Live for Cheating

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends’ highest-ranked Predator player has been banned for using cheats live on stream.
He has a track record of playing with known cheaters and was caught by other streamers and pro players using cheats and exploits.

Facilitatur, a controversial figure in the Apex Legends ranked community, has once again reached the #1 Predator spot in Season 18. However, his achievement was short-lived as he has seemingly been banned live on stream, possibly due to cheating. He was called out for playing with known cheaters and after repeated reports from the community, he has been banned by Respawn Entertainment.

Facilitatur has a track record of cheating and exploits

Facilitatur has been accused of using cheating software, associating with cheaters, and intentionally sabotaging other players in-game using unfair tactics. This raised doubts within the community about the legitimacy of his latest achievement.

Popular streamers like Jacob "HisWattson" McMillin, KUTANNA, Clara, and others have shared encounters with Facilitatur that raised eyebrows. They reported questionable circumstances in their engagements with him. For instance, some have noted suspicious patterns in his gameplay, like eliminating opponents who aren't even visible on the screen.

Moreover, Facilitatur is known for knowingly teaming up with cheaters, which is against Respawn's rules and has led to two of his previous bans. Despite these bans, he continued his quest to become the #1 Predator, now on PC.

In 2022, HisWattson, a prominent player who formerly played for FURIA, encountered Facilitatur during his own journey to the #1 Predator spot in Season 15. These encounters also raised concerns about Facilitatur's conduct, leading to his third ban for associating with cheaters.

Given Facilitatur's history of engaging in malicious activities and associating with cheaters, it comes as no surprise that the player was banned. But he may continue to plague high ranks of the game by creating new accounts. 

Apex Legends occasionally sees a surge in cheaters and Respawn has been struggling to put a stop to exploits, DDOS attacks, and cheaters. Some players also abuse hardware cheats which are almost undetectable, like XIMs and Strike Packs.

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