Alpha Clasher Dismisses Rumors of Him Joining S8UL Esports

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Alpha Clasher Dismisses Rumors of Him Joining S8UL Esports</p></div>
Alpha Clasher Dismisses Rumors of Him Joining S8UL Esports
In a recent livestream, Pratik “Alpha Clasher” Jogiya clarified that the rumor about him joining S8UL Esports is incorrect.
He clarified that the proof presented along with that rumor - a screenshot of him in 8Bit’s Discord channel - was without context.
He also revealed that his motive for joining 8Bit’s Discord was to discuss the content creation struggles Hydra Esports was facing.

Popular Indian content creator Pratik “Alpha Clasher” Jogiya has refuted rumors about his alleged move to S8UL Esports following his departure from Hydra Esports. According to him, the rumor lacked substantiated evidence or factual basis.. He clarified that the screenshot presented as proof, which showed him in 8Bit's Discord channel, was taken out of context. Pratik explained that he had joined the channel only to help with content creation strategy during a time when the organization was facing difficulties.

Alpha Clasher states he is not joining S8UL Esports

Recently, Alpha Clasher, along with Vipul “Emperor” Agarwal, Ayush “Ayush” Shukla, and Prasad “Born to Snipe” Joshi (a.k.a BTS and Bitty), left Hydra Esports. After Alpha Clasher's departure from Hydra Esports, rumors spread online that his exit was pre-planned and that he would join S8UL Esports. A screenshot of Alpha Clasher in the "TEAM 8BIT / 8BIT CREATIVES" Discord channel was presented as evidence to support this claim. S8UL Esports co-owner Lokesh "Goldy" Jain addressed the issue in a livestream and said that Alpha Clasher would provide clarity on his own livestream.

Following this, Alpha Clasher went live on his YouTube channel and dismissed the rumor of him joining S8UL Esports. “There is this video that claims Alpha  is joining S8UL. I think a lot of things have been rumored. A few people have compiled clips from different sources and made videos without proof and factual information. Goldy Bhai watched this video today and said I would clear it on the livestream, so I genuinely want to tell you about it,” he said.

Alpha Clasher explained that Hydra Esports’ content creators faced problems creating content after they stopped playing Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Hence, he reached out to many content creators, including Rishab “Antaryami ” Verma and Aditya “Casetoo” Sharma, as well as the co-owners of S8UL Esports Goldy and Animesh “Thug” Agarwal, to discuss the problem. “When we faced a lot of problems in terms of content creation, you might have noticed that after GTA, we couldn’t think widely about what we should do in the future. After that, we asked ourselves what we should do but did not understand what to do. I talked with many different creators, like Antaryami Bhai and Casetoo Bhai; simultaneously, I also spoke with Thug Bhai and Goldy Bhai,” he said.

Alpha Clasher stated that Thug and Goldy talk in a very professional manner, and a discussion with them was more appropriate on a Discord voice chat (VC) over a phone call. “Where would I have talked with them? On a phone call? No, that’s not how it happens. These people talk very professionally, straight to the point, and at the right place. So what would be the best place to talk with them? We can’t talk about this on a phone call, so Discord. I had to join Discord. When I joined Discord, to join the VC (voice chat) that they use, they had to give me a power - role power. Only after they gave me the role, I could join that VC. It is a very simple thing. I don’t know why you guys are making this rumor that we were planning something,” he said.

He explained that the only motive for that voice chat was to discuss the content creation struggles the creators were facing. He said that Thug and Goldy gave him valuable ideas to improve their content and connect with their audience. “In that VC, we had only one intention: to ask Goldy Bhai and Thug Bhai how we should create content; we have good creators, but my mind is stuck, and I can’t understand how to explore other content. They gave us a lot of good ideas like playing Among Us Mods and group games; they told us to entertain the audience the way we entertained them while playing PUBG and BGMI; you have to understand your audience at this moment of time because it was a rough phase for everyone, and if you understand your audience, then you have found the key to your lock. We went to Discord to discuss this. I don’t know where S8UL and 8bit came from,” he said.

Alpha Clasher is yet to announce his future plans for content creation. He has not yet announced if he will continue as an individual content creator or join a new organization. 

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