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Allegations of Financial Impropriety Against Ruchir Jha Increase

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Ruchir has been accused of financial impropriety with esports athletes, creators, and Industry stakeholders.
After Orangutan’s recently released statement against Ruchir Jha, many people have come forward alleging him for the same.

Recently, Orangutan had announced the release of its content creator Ruchir Jha. Ruchir is no longer involved with Orangutan, according to a statement posted by the organization on Twitter/X. The decision was made following the discovery of significant financial irregularities. 

Many people from the community now have come forward and revealed that Ruchir, in the past, asked for financial support from them. It has been revealed that he had asked for big sums of money from creators as well as other industry individuals.

More allegations of financial impropriety against Ruchir Jha revealed

Orangutan had stated on social media that it identified instances where Ruchir was allegedly squandering resources. According to the organization, Ruchir also owed money from past brand partnerships.

Taxal King, one of these creators, allegedly gave Ruchir INR 80,000 and has yet to be reimbursed. In a recent social media post, an old Velocity Gaming follower said that Taxal King is currently in contact with Ruchir and the latter has offered to return the money. According to the X user (Gokul Rishi), Taxal King is willing to take Ruchir to court if he does not return the money.

Allegations of Financial Impropriety Against Ruchir Jha Increase

Another individual who is a video editor wrote that, “Ruchir also scammed me. Fa2 had Ruchir as his manager back in the day. I approached fa2 as a video editor and he asked me to contact Ruchir. Ruchir made me edit 2-3 videos and he posted one of those videos and when I asked for money or more work I could do he did not even reply to my message and scammed me but I cannot do shit. But I knew God will help me and now he is here”.

Shubham "Driger" Quiriyal a Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) athlete for Orangutan also wrote on Twitter/X, “Guess I may be in the Top 5 leaderboard of Ruchir’s scam fund with 50k”.

In a recent live stream, Manoj “Sentinel” Kashyap the owner of Velocity Gaming also shared his thoughts on the issue and said, "There is an addiction of having subscriber growth or increasing views on videos. This is what I think has happened with Ruchir, because there is a lot of difference between the Ruchir I know and the one in the market currently”.

People have also posted images showing Ruchir attempting to sell his YouTube account as security for the money he was borrowing in other cases. Selling channels is a violation of YouTube's community guidelines.

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