All Bind Map Changes In Valorant: Complete Details


All Bind Map Changes in Valorant: Complete Details, Release Date, More

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Riot Games has revealed all the changes that have been introduced to the Valorant map Bind.
Bind had been removed along with Breeze in January 2023 and will be returning along with Patch 6.08 after three months.
It is unclear if Breeze will also return along with Bind or whether a map would be replaced following its return.

Riot Games has released information about the upcoming changes coming to Bind in Valorant. It was one of the more popular maps in the game that was removed by the developers with the release of Episode 6 Act 1.

Now, a couple of months later, Bind is all set to return to Valorant in April along with Patch 6.08 and the community is excited to try out the revamped map. There are a bunch of changes that have been made to both sites, which will force teams to come up with new strategies and adjust their playstyles.

Here are all the changes that have will be introduced to Bind along with a comparison between the old and new.

All map changes coming to Bind in Valorant: Complete details

Bind and Breeze were the two Valorant maps that were discontinued by the developers at the start of the current Episode 6, along with the release of the three-site map Lotus.

As per the latest announcement, Bind is all set to return after three months at the start of Episode 6 Act 3 and will be included as part of the competitive queue along with Patch 6.08 from 25th April onwards.

Here are a complete list of changes that players will witness on Bind, that are bound to bring a breath of fresh air along with it.

Bind - A Site Changes

A Site Teleporter

The biggest change is the teleporter that leads from B Site to the A Site has been shifted closer to A Bath.

Earlier, players used to teleport outside A Lobby, which was significantly further away from the A Site but gave players the chance to either enter the site through A Bath or A Cubby.

Now, players will teleport right outside A Bath, significantly closer to the site but the rotation from A Cubby will be much more time consuming.

Bind Map Changes: A Site Teleporter

A Site Bath - Entry / Exit

Minor changes towards the entry and exit of A Bath where the size of the corner walls have been slightly increased to accommodate for better holds and peeks during gunplay.

A Site - Near Tower and Back Wall

Just below A Tower, a small cylindrical object has been added which may or may not affect the overall gameplay on the site. Yes, players can jump over it and stand but the line of sight which they will obtain is unclear at this point in time.

While entering A Site from Defender Side Spawn, the back wall which was angled and had a small space to tuck behind has now been straightened providing minimal cover to incoming players.

Bind Valorant Map Changes - A Site Back Wall

A Site - Crates Rearranged

The four crates inside the A Site have been rearranged from a set of 2x3 boxes to two sets of 1x2 and 2x2 boxes, covering a bit more area on the ground while providing a decreased line of sight from above two crates.

Bind Valorant Map Changes - A Site Crates

Bind - B Site Changes

B Site - Hall Enterance

On this site only a few changes have been made, starting with the B Hall entrance into the B Site being widened considerably. This could allow attackers to get a better peek towards the Defender Side Spawn while also making it difficult for players to run across the door.

Bind Valorant Map Changes - B Site Hall

B Site - Hall to Elbow Tunnel

A few closed vents along with an open vent has been added in the tunnel connecting B Hall to B Elbow. This vent can be used in various ways to help lineup some utilities into the site and could be a new holding angle post or pre plant.

Bind Valorant Map Changes - B Site Hall To Elbow Tunnel

These are the complete list of changes that will be coming to Bind at the start of Episode 6 Act 3, with the map set to release in the competitive queue along with Patch 6.08 on 25th April.

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