ALGS Championship Finals Preview


ALGS Championship Finals Preview: Who Will Become World Champions?

Abhimannu Das
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NRG has taken the lead in the ALGS championship and will be starting the grand final with 10 points in the bag.
Any team that earns 50 points in the finals will be match point eligible, after which an eligible team would need to win a game to snag first place.
Despite the event breaking viewership records for Apex Legends esports, fans and players have criticized the COVID policies which have prevented players from competing.

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Championship final is set to conclude tonight with one team taking home the lion’s share of the $2 million USD prize pool. Currently, NRG has the biggest advantage as it is starting with 10 points thanks to its performance in the previous stages of the event. FURIA has also proven itself to be a serious threat in the competition and is going to start the grand finals with nine points. Anyone could take home the world championship with teams set to compete in a matchpoint format.

ALGS championship Current Standings

Here are the current standings of the teams that will compete in the finals tonight:

The finals will feature a match point format where teams have to play at least six games and meet a cutoff score. Once a team has earned 50 points, they will become match point eligible starting game seven. There is no limit to the number of teams that can be match point eligible at any given moment and teams that are not match point eligible by game six will also be able to earn eligibility game seven onwards.

It is impossible to predict which team will win the event as most teams competing in the finals have shown sparks of brilliance. NRG had a rough start at the event but they now find themselves at the top of the table with a 10-point advantage. SCARZ have also cemented a comeback after poor showings in recent events. The team was the best in Europe lat year but it failed to prove itself on the international stage but that has changed in this championship.

Fnatic made an entry to Apex Legends esports in the championship and its very first event might earn the team the world championship. EXO’s team from Thailand is easily the best team from the Asia-Pacific region at the event and if it wins the event, it would be the second time that an APAC team wins an international event this year.

Fans can attend the event in person or they can view the event on Twitch and YouTube.

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