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A New Apex Legends Game is in The Works

Abhimannu Das
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A new Apex Legends game is in the works by Respawn Entertainment but the studio is keeping details under wraps.
The studio is currently hiring personnel to kickstart the project and it might be a single-player experience or a sequel to Apex Legends.
Respawn had previously confirmed that it is working on an unannounced single-project and this might be the same game.

Respawn Entertainment is working on a new first-person shooter set in the Apex Legends/Titanfall universe. According to the official job listing on Respawn’s website, the game is an “Apex Legends FPS Incubation Title” which implies that a small team will be working on the title until it is ready for a reveal. It is currently unknown if the upcoming game will be single-player or an upgrade to Apex Legends with single-player content similar to what Overwatch 2 is doing.

Respawn is yet to announce the upcoming game officially

With Respawn being in the hiring stage of the project, it is safe to assume that we will not be getting out hands on the new game anytime soon. Respawn has already tested story content via quests in Apex Legends. However, the only true single-player content we received was during the Broken Ghost event.

Since then, most of the quests have been all about collecting treasure packs and unlocking comic pages. The team wants to continue to push some of the players’ favorite characters from Titanfall in one way or another. The game will receive more characters from Titanfall whether it’s through lore or playable content in the future.

Apex Legends general manager Dusty Welch, and game director Chad Grenier told Eurogamer "And so with all of the awesome legends and all the lore and storytelling that we're doing, the team naturally I think would love to deliver some sort of content that's like that, like single-player PVE content.”

However, fans should not get their hopes up too high for the new game to release anytime soon. If the upcoming title is an upgrade to Apex Legends with an engine upgrade, it would be great news for fans and competitive esports alike as the current iteration of the game is running on Source engine, despite EA having access to the state-of-the-art Frostbite Engine which could bring the game up to modern FPS standards.

The current iteration of Apex Legends often faces game-breaking bugs and exploits which have left players frustrated and they want the game to be updated with a new engine.

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