NICKMERCS Says Warzone Devs Should not Bring Back Old Locations


NICKMERCS Says Warzone Devs Should not Bring Back Old Locations

Abhimannu Das
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  • NICKMERCS is unhappy with the inclusion of repurposed areas from older content in Call of Duty Season 4.
  • He talked about how he does not like the Verdansk Dam which is returning and expects new content and points of interest to be released instead.
  • Dr Disrespect shares the same opinion and he feels that Warzone should have received a new map for 2021.

Content creator and former pro player Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff thinks that Call of Duty: Warzone’s developers should not bring back old locations. The return of the 1984 version of the Verdansk map upset the Warzone community as it did not include enough changes and the game has been left without a brand-new map for over a year. With Season 4 around the corner, Activision released a trailer to highlight some of the new content and keen-eyed fans spotted yet another repurposed Call of Duty area included in the video. The Verdansk ‘Dam’ area will be making a return and NICKMERCS thinks that the devs should release brand new maps and content instead of re-designs of existing maps.

NICKMERCS’ Thoughts on Verdansk Dam Returning in Season 4

NICKMERCS posted a video of himself reacting to the Season 4 trailer and he spotted the Dam area being shown off in the video. He instantly disapproved of the devs bringing back the area stating “this was not my favorite place to fight, you don’t see me out here too often unless I died or I’m getting the team back in on a weird scav, or I’m getting the chopper that was out there.”

In his video he said that he is looking forward to new things and he wants to be vocal about it. He wants content similar to the new Plaza instead of content that is built on maps and locations that already exist in the game.

Dr Disrespect is unhappy with Warzone map refreshes as well

NICKMERCS is not the only content creator who is upset with the map refreshes and repurposed points of interest in Warzone. Dr Disrespect had similar thoughts. In a recent stream, he said “another year of Call of Duty: Warzone. Same f**king map. We needed a whole new designed map. The changes are cool, but we wanted a completely new map and new field. I think that was pretty disappointing.” He talked about how the Warzone developers had enough time to create a new map for this year but he is disappointed that there was no new map added this year.

While Warzone continues to be the go-to game for Doc on stream with a little bit of Valorant thrown in, he does not seem to be enjoying the title since the Season 3 update. He plans to take a break from the game sometime soon as he thinks the game is a “bland experience.” 

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