Call of Duty 2020 World Champion ‘Huke’ Opens Up About Adderall Use


Call of Duty 2020 World Champion ‘Huke’ Opens Up About Adderall Use

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  • Call of Duty 2020 World Champion Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland shared his experience with Adderall in competitive esports.
  • Drug abuse made him stop loving Call of Duty and it left a negative impact on his life.
  • He kicked the habit after being benched by Dallas Empire and LA Thieves, but he was eventually reinstated and is currently playing for LA Thieves again.

Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland who won the Call of Duty 2020 World Championship talked about Adderall and his path to recovery. The player has been a part of organizations like LA Thieves, FaZe Clan, Team Envy, and Dallas Empire and he shared his experiences as a Call of Duty pro and his struggle with the drug. Huke is currently 21 and he revealed that he started using Adderall when he was around 18. Adderall is known to improve focus and it works as a stimulant. Huke revealed that he used the drug to cope with the competitive pressure but he did not feel good about it. 

Huke’s Experience with Adderall in Competitive Esports

Huke said that he won champs while he was using Adderall and he did not feel good about it. He said “On the inside, I was very grateful for winning. But those couple of days afterward, I didn’t feel good. It was mainly because of one thing, I, at the time, was taking Adderall.”

He talked about the side effects of the drug and mentioned constant mood swings when playing Call of Duty as a professional player. After he started using drugs, he did not feel the same level of satisfaction and he dropped the drug at the start of the 2021 season. He is looking to develop healthier habits and change his lifestyle. 

He wants to focus on healthy eating and meditation. Huke talked about how adopting positive lifestyle changes has helped him stay clean. He said that he has regained his confidence and he is seeing positive changes while playing with his team ‘Dallas Empire.’ 

Huke’s Turning Point That Made Him Quit

Huke talked about the negative effects of the drug and how people were able to notice changes in his demeanor. He was eventually benched by Dallas Empire and he felt that his organization did not trust him. He moved to LA Thieves and said that his love for Call of Duty was revitalized. He said “This year, maybe I was a bit down during Stage 2, and no one really reached out to me. Actually, no one reached out to me and tried to lift me up.” 

However, stories about the player using psychedelics spread and LA Thieves decided to bench the player. Despite his attempts to recover and stay clean, he felt that the pro scene was very toxic towards him. He was eventually reinstated in the LA Thieves lineup. He concluded his statement by saying “I’m sorry if I’m calling everyone out, but we have to do better.”

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