Valorant Community Battle Pass: How to Vote for The Items You Want?

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  • Riot Games is releasing a Valorant Community Battle Pass to celebrate the diversity across regions.
  • Each region will get to choose from a selection of themed-cosmetics to show up in the upcoming pass.
  • Voting is now live and players can vote for their favorite items till June 25, 2021.

The Valorant Community Battle Pass is one of the ways Riot Games is celebrating the game’s first anniversary and the studio is allowing players to choose the items they want. The year one celebrations include not just the Valorant Community Battle pass but also other free rewards, a Give It Back bundle to support charity, an Event pass, wwFest music festivals, and more. Riot Games wants to focus on the diversity in each of its regions which is why they introduced the Valorant Community battle pass. Players from all regions will get to choose sprays, gun buddies, and other items that are themed around those regions. 

What Is the Valorant Community Battle Pass

Players from different regions get to choose from a selection of items that are customized for their respective regions. The items will be featured in the Community Battle pass. The cosmetics include Sprays, gun buddies, and titles. However, there are no skins up for grabs from the Valorant Community Battle Pass.

Valorant Community Battle Pass: How to Vote for The Items You Want?
Riot Games

Players can vote for their favorite items in-game and choose which items they want to be see as part of the community pass which will release later this year. Voting is already live and it will be available until June 2021. The most-voted items will be added to the Battle Pass so if you want specific items to show up on the pass, you should login to the game and vote. 

How to Vote For Items in The Valorant Community Battle Pass

Players can vote from June 9 to June 25, 2021. If you want to vote for your favourite items, this is what you need to do. 

  1. Load into Valorant 
  2. Check the In-Game Announcement Tile 
  3. Click on Battlepass Voting 
  4. Choose your favorite items

Once you are done voting, it is time to wait and see It is unknown how many sprays, gun buddies and titles will be selected from each region. You can only vote once and once your vote is locked in, you will not be able to change it so choose wisely. 

The items will be available in Episode 4 after the Valorant dev team reviews the top vote earners and finalizes them for each region once the voting period ends. The community pass is separate from the free YR1 event pass which is set to be added to the game later this year for all players. 

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