Valorant’s Replication Mode to Return in Patch 2.11

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  • Valorant's Escalation Mode is being taken out in patch 2.11 and Replication will be taking its place later today.
  • The returning mode will be available for approximately two weeks until the release of Episode 3.
  • Replication mode allows players to have five copies of the same agent in a team, which leads to fun and creative plays.

Valorant’s Replication mode is set to return in Patch 2.11, which should go live later today. Replication mode will replace Valorant’s escalation mode once the patch goes live. The game mode rotation was first announced by Riot Games last month, where the devs talked about how they want to rotate the game modes frequently to offer casual game modes to the fans without making them feel stale. Valorant’s Replication Mode is a great place to test out characters as there are no restrictions on how many copies of an agent you can use in the limited-time mode which will be rotated out in a few weeks. 

Why is Valorant’s Escalation Mode Being Taken Out 

Valorant’s Senior Producer Lisa Ohanian stated in the official blog last month that the developers want to keep each game mode available to all players for a limited time and keep rotating all of the non-standard modes to keep the gameplay experience fresh. 

The devs do not want to have all modes available at the same time because “having too many modes active at one time dilutes the queues for all of our modes... which in turn makes it take longer to find a match (or an appropriate one, at least) in any of them.”

How Does Valorant’s Replication Mode Work

As soon as you load into a match, there will be a pre-match vote which determines which agent is selected for the match. Teams can use abilities at will as long as they are available and the new mode will test the limits of the player base's creativity with all of the agents’ abilities. All players gain one ultimate point at the start of each round with the exception of overtime situations. Valorant’s Replication Mode will be available for approximately two weeks before it is rotated out again. 

Here is a quick overview of the returning game mode: 

  • Best-of-nine Spike mode
  • 80-second rounds
  • 45-second pistol round, with 30-second subsequent rounds
  • All players on the same team play as the same Agent 
  • Players have to select an agent based on votes 
  • Abilities except ultimates are refreshed each round
  • Players gain 1 ultimate point per round at the start of the round but not in Overtime rounds. 
  • Winning or losing does not affect the credits gained. 
  • Weapon and shield are reset each round
  • Being flashed twice within 4 seconds grants “Flashguard”, which prevents blinding for 5 seconds.

Valorant Replication Mode will be returning today (June 9) and it should be available until June 23rd, when Valorant Episode 3 goes live.  

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