How to Get ALGS Twitch Drops: Skins, Gun Charms and More

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  • Apex Legends' ALGS Twitch Drops will be available on June 12 and June 13.
  • The rewards include two skins, one holo spray and one gun charm.
  • The rewards will be available only during the event and fans need to watch the tournament for four hours to earn all the drops.

The ALGS Championship finals are set to kick off on June 12, and the Apex Legends community is being incentivized to watch the event with some exclusive skins and other cosmetics up for grabs. All of the ALGS Twitch Drops will be available through Twitch and there are four unique cosmetics that all players can earn just by linking their Apex Legends accounts with Twitch. Here is everything you need to know about the cosmetics and an overview of all the rewards that you can earn from the event. To sign up for the rewards you need to have a Nintendo ID, PSN ID, Xbox ID or Origin/EA account. 

How to Claim the Apex Legends ALGS Rewards

With the ALGS event offering a $2.5 Million prize pool thanks to the efforts by the community who contributed $1.5 Million through cosmetics purchases, EA and Respawn Entertainment want fans to be involved at the event and earn some rewards. 

  1. Log in to your EA Account and ensure that your PSN ID, Gamertag or Nintendo Switch IDs are linked
  2. Log in to your Twitch account. 
  3. Head to the official ALGS ‘Connect with Twitch’ page at: 
  4. Link your EA account with Twitch and you will be set to earn the rewards. 

You will need to log in to your Twitch account and watch the ALGS Finals if you want to earn the rewards. There is a set minimum time that you need to watch the event to earn the rewards. There are four rewards up for grabs which include an Alternator skin, a Holospray, an epic gun charm, and a Bangalore skin. 

What Rewards Are Up For Grabs At ALGS Championship Finals

You will need to watch the ALGS Finals for a set amount of time to earn the rewards. The rewards will not be available once the ALGS Finals end. 

  • One hour of watchtime: Rare ‘Copperhead’ Alternator skin
  • Two hours of watchtime: Rare ‘Ocean Spear’ Bangalore skin
  • Three hours of watchtime: Rare ‘Let’s Goooooo!’ Holospray
  • Four hours of watchtime: Epic ‘You Are The Champion’ Gun Charm

Fans can check out the streams on June 12 and June 13 on the official Apex Legends Twitch channel at: 

ALGS Championship Finals EMEA on June 12:  3:00 PM GMT / 8:30PM IST / 11:00 PM SGT 

ALGS Championship Finals NA on June 13: North America on June 13: 10:00PM GMT / 3:30AM IST (June 14) / 6:AM SGT (June 14)

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