When Does Apex Legends Take Place? A Look at The Game’s Timeline


When Does Apex Legends Take Place? A Look at The Game’s Timeline

Abhimannu Das
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  • Apex Legends takes place three decades after the events of Titanfall 2 which includes the Frontier War.
  • Very few characters are recurring in both Titanfall and Apex Legends but Respawn has drawn a lot of connections to some of the most iconic characters.
  • The game's lore will continue expanding with Respawn promising "more Titanfall content" for Apex fans.

Apex Legends takes place years after the end of the events featured in Titanfall 2. The game was first teased in Titanfall 2 when Blisk gave the player an Apex Predator card. Blisk and other characters have been added to the Apex Legends which takes place decades after the events in TF2. The lore and cinematics by Respawn Entertainment have kept fans hooked and here is a look at when Apex Legends takes place and the events that took place between the end of Titanfall 2 and the start of the modern Apex Games in the lore.  

Apex Legends is Set in 2733

Apex Legends takes place in 2733 canonically, which is around three decades after the end of the ‘Frontier War’ featured in Titanfall 2. The Titanfall series is where it all began and the Apex Legends universe is set after the events of the Frontier War, which took place during Titanfall 1 and Titanfall 2. 

The Frontier is a vast collection of planets that were colonized by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, formerly known as Hammond Engineering. Despite their attempts to colonize the Frontier, war broke out on Earth and the organization had to leave. But civilization already settled in the Frontier and did not want to be controlled by the IMC which led to the conflict. 

Multiple Legends Were Involved in the Frontier War

The Frontier War lasted decades and is one of the most important parts of the Apex Legends backstory. Some of the Frontier citizens who fought in the war became “Legends” in the Apex Games. One of the Legends was Anita Williams who is known as Bangalore in-game. 

She was born into a family of IMC vets and was part of the final battle in the war at Gridiron. She was stranded in the Frontier after the war and had no option but to compete in the Apex Games. Mirage was also involved in the Frontier wars but he never fought in it. It was his three brothers who were soldiers while he chose to stay with his mother and develop Holo technology. Other legends were also involved in the Frontier War as well as characters like Blisk, Viper (Valkyrie’s father), and Ash. 

The Future of Apex Legends’ Lore

While Apex Legends takes place three decades after the end of the Frontier War, we can expect Respawn Entertainment to expand on the lore. If Titanfall 3 does come out, it is likely to fill in the gaps between the events of Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends. Respawn has also promised more Titanfall content within Apex Legends moving forward and we could be finding out more about the fate of B.T. who sacrificed himself at the end of Titanfall 2, but was seemingly alive in a different dimension. 

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