Apex Legends Arenas Bug Removes Loba’s ‘Burglar’s Best Friend’ Cooldown


Apex Legends Arenas Bug Removes Loba’s ‘Burglar’s Best Friend’ Cooldown

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  • A new Apex Legends Arenas bug is seeing Loba players get their bracelet teleports off twice without any cooldown.
  • The bug works only in the Phase Runner map and it does not work in Firing Range or standard battle royale game modes.
  • Octane's stim is also affected by a very similar bug where his Stim charge is not used if he enters the Phase Runner while activating Stim.

Apex Legends players have been discovering a lot of bugs in Arenas since the game mode’s release, and one of the latest bugs discovered involves Loba. The legend is able to use her ‘Burglar’s Best Friend’ ability back-to-back without any cooldown if players go through a Phase Runner. It is not the only ability that has no cooldown in Arenas. Players discovered that Octane’s Stim can be used multiple times without any cooldown in Arenas. Respawn Entertainment is yet to address these issues and it is allowing players to take advantage of these bugs in the game mode to reach vantage points faster or grab materials and healing items.

How Does The Loba Bracelet Bug Work in Arenas 

If players purchase multiple charges of Loba’s Burglar’s Best Friend ability, they will be able to use the tactical in rapid succession. As soon as you complete a teleport, instead of putting your ability on cooldown until the next charge is available, you will be able to teleport once again. 

The Apex Legends Arenas bug works only in the Phase Runner map. Here is how you can replicate the bug: 

  1. Press your Tactical button 
  2. Position your bracelet into the Phase Runner and accept the teleport to choose when you want to be teleported
  3. Alternatively, you can let the bracelet land on the ground and you will be teleported automatically
  4. As soon as you land, you will be able to repeat the process as long as you have a charge available

Abusing bugs can exploits can potentially lead to in-game bans and it is recommended to not take advantage of these exploits. The bug works only in Arenas and it cannot be replicated in Battle Royale or in the Firing Range. 

Octane and Valkyrie's Abilities Are Also Affected in Arenas

Octane is also facing a similar bug where players get no cooldowns on his Stim ability. Players need to press Stim while entering the Phase Runner and they will exit the Phase Runner with the speed boost active but no cooldown.  There is another bug with Loba's ultimate ability where teams are unable to pick up healing items from her Black Market. 

Valkyrie is also facing issues with her ultimate with players not being able to properly attach to her before she readies to take-off. It can sometimes lead to players dying while being moved out of bounds from the game’s playable areas.  

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