Liquid Eliminates Vikings From VCT Masters Iceland 2021: Stats, Highlights, Interview


Liquid Eliminates Vikings From VCT Masters Iceland 2021: Stats, Highlights, Interview

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Team Liquid delivers a dominating performance against Team Vikings to hand them a '2-0' defeat, advancing ahead in the Lower Bracket.
  • With this victory, Team Liquid moves ahead in the lower bracket to faceoff against Fnatic while Team Vikings gets eliminated to acquire a a 5-6 position.
  • The standout player for Team Liquid was Jamppi, delivering top notch performances across both the maps and leading his side to victory.

Team Vikings the last remaining Brazilian representatives in the VCT 2021: Stage 2 Masters - Reykjavík has been sent home packing following yet another strong performance by Team Liquid. Vikings had dropped down to the lower bracket following a loss to Sentinels, only to go up against a determined Team Liquid who were furious following a humiliating ‘2-1’ defeat to Version1 in the upper bracket. The first map witnessed Vikings put some sort of a stand on their map pick Ascent, it felt as if they were getting ready for a comeback but sadly failed to do anything significant on Haven. With this win under their belt, Liquid now advance further into the lower bracket for an all European clash against Fnatic tomorrow.

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Liquid Delivers Another ‘2-0’ Blow to Eliminate Vikings

Team Liquid is putting on quite the show as they deliver yet another strong performance, now going ‘4-0’ in the lower bracket. The European top seed after eliminating KRU Esports yesterday went ahead to put on a similar show tonight, Vikings being the unfortunate team on the receiving end.

Once again Liquid was able to control the pace of both the games, taking control of all four halves by winning the pistol rounds. From there on out, they slowly built their strength catapulting the scoreboard ahead to win both the maps in convincing fashion. Vikings tried to adjust and adapt, but the constant shifts in strategies devised by Liquid kept deceiving them at every step. Ultimately leading to their elimination from the tournament, as Liquid prepare for a crucial match against their local rivals Fnatic.

Results: Team Liquid Defeats Team Vikings ‘2-0’

Team Liquid right from the word go was on top of things, hitting Vikings hard on their own map pick Ascent. They certainly found it hard to break through the Liquid defence ending the half with an ‘8-4’ scoreline. Once again losing the pistol rounds, Vikings were immediately sent on the back foot as they slowly succumbed to a ‘13-8’ loss.

Taking Liquid on Haven in the second game, the pistols once again proved to be a key weakness for Vikings not giving them a running start. They put on a better show while attacking in the first half, but got overwhelmed by Liquid’s aggression soon after, losing the game by a ‘13-5’ scoreline.

Team Liquid - 13
Team Vikings - 8
Team Liquid - 13
Team Vikings - 5
Team Liquid Defeats Team Vikings - 2:0


Liquid Eliminates Vikings From VCT Masters Iceland 2021: Stats, Highlights, Interview
  • Jamppi was the star for Team Liquid tonight with 41 kills to his name across the 2 maps. But the man who did the most amount f damage was none other than ScreaM with an ADR of 209.7.

  • The Brazilian players were overall quite lackluster with saadhak securing the most number of kills at 26, equivalent to Liquid’s second-lowest player soulcas who still had a better ADR of 127.7.

  • The average headshot percentage of both the teams were as follows, Team Liquid secured a 25% headshot percentage while Vikings had 22%.


Jamppi guns down the entire Vikings lineup, catching them by surprise as he goes aggressive with the overpowered shotgun Judge, mowing all of them down in a line.

Jamppi takes a quick knife kill on Haven as he catches a Vikings player on the lurk.

Interview: Jamppi Talks About The First Yoru Pick of The Tournament

Jamppi during the post-match interview appreciated Team Vikings for their performance while calling them super good. While talking about Liquid he said that they played great as a team tonight and just had a very clear game plan.

Commenting on the first Yoru pick of the tournament Jamppi said that “To be fair we were like very surprised when we saw the Yoru pick, it is one of my favorite agents. Hopefully, I can play it soon also. But yeah we just spoke (about) how their game plan is not going to change that much. I think we just stuck to our own game plan even though we did not expect that Yoru at all.”

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