Fnatic Eliminates Version1 From VCT Masters Iceland 2021: Stats, Highlights, Interview


Fnatic Eliminates Version1 From VCT Masters Iceland 2021: Stats, Highlights, Interview

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Fnatic hustles it out against Version1 handing them a '2-0' defeat and advancing ahead in the Lower Bracket.
  • With this victory, Fnatic moves ahead in the lower bracket while Version1 gets eliminated to acquire a a 5-6 position.
  • The standout player for Fnatic was Derke, delivering top notch performances across both the maps and leading his side to victory.

The highly awaited rematch between the European and the North American region took place tonight at the VCT 2021: Stage 2 Masters - Reykjavík, as Fnatic went up against Version1 in an intense two-game series on Icebox and Ascent. Version1 after dropping down to the lower bracket following a really tight match against NUTURN Gaming was up against a formidable-looking Fnatic, who had made quick work of X10 Esports yesterday to advance ahead in the lower bracket. The two teams went toe-to-toe in the first game on Icebox, but Version1 ran out of steam by the second game which took place on Ascent, resulting in a ‘2-0’ loss and their elimination from the tournament.

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Fnatic Defeats Version1 ‘2-0’, Eliminates Them

Version1 becomes the first team from North America to get eliminated from VCT 2021: Stage 2 Masters - Reykjavík, following a rough ‘2-0’ defeat against Fnatic. Despite taking down Team Liquid earlier in the tournament, Version1 faltered against the mighty Fnatic unable to trade blows in the second map after a close overtime defeat on the first one.

Fnatic was alive and kicking, their Jett main Derke leading the charge with 34 and 21 kills respectively across the two maps. The other players supported him well as he went on a rage, picking heaps of kills and winning multiple engagements, despite being in a compromising position or an unfavorable situation in a few of them.

Result: Fnatic Defeats Version1 ‘2-0’

The first map between the two sides took place on Icebox which was Fnatic’s map pick. Here a bloodbath ensued as none of the teams refused to give an inch, exchanging blows and keeping each other on their toes. Every mistake was punished and every opportunity exploited, which resulted in an overtime scenario. Version1 could not keep their head steady during the tense last couple of rounds, giving away the victory to Fnatic by a ‘14-12’ scoreline.

Version1 was confident about a comeback on their map pick Ascent, but a stellar defensive game put up by Fnatic slowly lowered their hopes as the European team stood strong with an ‘8-4’ scoreline during the halftime mark. Things only went south for Version1 from here on out, who seemed to have run out of steam as they soon lost the map ‘13-6’, resulting in elimination from the tournament.

Fnatic - 14
Version1 - 12
Fnatic - 13
Version1 -  6
Fnatic defeats Version1 - 2:0


Fnatic Eliminates Version1 From VCT Masters Iceland 2021: Stats, Highlights, Interview
  • Derke was the standout player across both the maps for Fnatic. The Jett main took duels confidently and made the best even out of a few unfavorable situations at times. With 55 kills across the two maps and an insane ADR of 247.7, he was the frontrunner for Fnatic.

  • Both penny and Zellsis were not up to their usual selves tonight, forcing vanity and effys to take the reign. They did a decent job of leading the attack, achieving 36 kills apiece, but sadly it was not enough to topple Fnatic.

  • Talking about how good the two teams were when it comes to aiming with their weapons, Fnatic held an average headshot percentage of 25% while that of Version1 was 21.6%.


Vanity holds the B advance by Fnatic with nothing but a Judge, popping off with the shotgun as he takes a huge triple kill. 

Penny goes huge for Version1, taking down two players with one Operator shot and following it up with 2 more kills to win a crucial round for his side.

Derke goes huge with a solid triple kill on Icebox, thwarting a rush into the site by Version1 and helping his side get a 4v2 player advantage.

Derke and Doma team up to hold a short push by Version1 on Ascent, resulting in a flawless win for the side and further extending Fnatic's lead.

Interview: Boaster Reveals Why Version1’s KJ Pick Was Helpful For Them

In the post-match interview, Boaster was excited as he spoke about how Derke helped the team out during the first map, happy to have eliminated Version1 and now aiming to take down Sentinels also. He went on to speak about how Version1’s change in composition actually proved to be beneficial for Fnatic stating that,

“Of course we didn’t expect the Killjoy to be coming out. Frankly, I think I prefer that the Killjoy did come out because it is a more familiar composition for us. Like Europe plays this sort of composition and they still did not have the Sage. But that game was a squeaky-bum time, like overtime and it was like bit scary.”

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