Can You Run Over Teammates In Warzone

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  • A new bug in Warzone Season 3 lets you run over teammates which has caused a lot of frustration and funny moments in the community.
  • 100 Thieves lost a match in a pro tournament due to the bug and player Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren expressed his concerns.
  • Raven Software is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

A new bug discovered in Call of Duty: Warzone om the latest Reloaded update. Along with the recently released Rambo and Die Hard bundles, there also happens to be a bug that lets you run over your teammates. Raven Software is aware of the bug and has promised a fix soon but until then you may be running the issue where you can run over teammates in Warzone. While you could always run over players, it was not possible to run over your teammates in Warzone prior to the latest patch. Here is a closer look at the new bug and how you can avoid it. 

When Will Raven Software Fix The Running Over Teammates Bug in Warzone

Raven Software revealed that it is aware of the new bug that is letting players run over their teammates but there is no word on when a bugfix will be deployed. Considering that the bug is ruining matches for players, a fix can be expected soon. The new bug has not only affected the general playerbase but has also prevented 100 Thieves’ Warzone team from securing a win in a recent tournament. 100 Thieves’ Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren revealed that he was destroyed by his teammates Bertha during a match. Just moments after Tommey died, his helicopter killed his teammate leading to the team being eliminated from the match. 

Raven Software put out an update stating “The new bug has not only affected the general playerbase but it has also prevented 100 Thieves’ Warzone team from securing a win in a recent tournament.” The bug is part of the known issues list on the official Trello board that is publicly visible for fans. 

While the bug is game-breaking, it has led to some hilarious moments that are being shared by the community. Streamer Diaz Biffle tried using his SUV to push his teammate Repullze towards the loadout and ended up killing him. But in tournaments it can lead to serious problems and it hurts the competitive integrity of the game. 

How to Avoid Being Run Over by Teammates in Warzone

Unless you are being intentionally killed by your teammates, you should not have to worry about getting killed. You should also be more careful around your teammates when driving vehicles in the game. Until Raven Software deploys a fix, you will need to be extra careful to avoid deaths to the bug. 

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