Valorant Patch 2.11 Release Date Announced by Riot Games

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  • Valorant Patch 2.11 is set to release with some bugfixes and an update to the game engine.
  • Riot Games will not be pushing out patch 2.10 and will be skipping it altogether.
  • There are no confirmed patch notes available just yet but fixes to a 'connecting to match error' is expected.

Valorant’s patch 2.11 is set to come out in June and it looks like Riot Games is set to skip patch 2.10. A game engine update is in the works and it will be available to all players once Valorant’s patch 2.11 is available. Riot Games announced that the studio has to periodically update the engine and due to the nature of these updates, the developers want to give themselves enough testing time and a stabilization period before shipping Valorant’s patch 2.11. Here is everything that you need to know about patch 2.11.

When is Valorant Patch 2.11 Releasing

The upcoming patch 2.11 in Valorant is set to release “around June 8.” Patch 2.10 which was set to release this month will not be available and the game will directly be updated to Patch 2.11.

What to Expect from Patch 2.11

There are no official patch notes available for Patch 2.11 available just yet. Aside the engine updates there have been no confirmed changes revealed by Riot Games. Some bugfixes are expected with one of the biggest issues with the current patch is that matches connect even before all players are put into the match.

Will Yoru Continue to Remain Disabled Until Patch 2.11

There were locations within walls that Yoru could enter in Breeze, and Riot Games disabled the map from the competitive queue indefinitely. There was already a two-week restriction in place with the new map not being available as part of the competitive queue since its launch. However, until the exploit is fixed, the map will not be available even after the two-week mark. Riot Games has not revealed when a fix will be available. 

Breeze was already disabled from Ranked queue for two weeks since it just launched and Riot Games had to indefinitely disable the map until further notice. However, Yoru has already been hotfixed and the agent is available once more. You do not have to wait until Valorant’s patch 2.11 to play the agent as Riot Games has already issued an emergency fix on May 19. 

While some bugs are harmless, the Yoru bug violates competitive integrity when exploited. The bug allowed Yoru to plant spikes from inside the Breeze pyramid. Similar spots have been discovered in other maps as well and Riot Games does not want the player base to take advantage of these bugs as it can negatively affect player experience. We can expect all of the map exploits to be fixed in Valorant’s patch 2.11. 

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