Valorant Patch 2.09: Full Notes and Details


Valorant Patch 2.09: Full Notes and Details

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  • Valorant Patch 2.09 got some major changes for Viper and it also added a brand new game mode for all players.
  • Viper got a slight nerf in the latest patch but other agents remain unchanged.
  • Tactical Timeouts have been added to custom games to help manage tournament matches better.

Valorant’s patch 2.09 just released with some important balance changes, bug fixes, and a brand new game mode. The new Replication mode is the highlight of the patch with players getting a brand new casual mode with entire teams locked into the same agent. Viper got some major changes that will affect her spot in the current meta. Riot Games revealed that with VCT Masters Stage 2 on the horizon, the developers did not want to make too many major balance changes ahead of the event. The game’s latest map also got some tweaks in Valorant’s patch 2.09. Here are the full notes and details for Valorant patch 2.09. 

Valorant Patch 2.09: New Game Mode ‘Replication’

The new Replication mode just released and it will be available for two weeks for all players. Fans can try out the game mode until May 25th after which Escalation will make a comeback. The new game mode locks one agent for an entire team which allows players to create fun little strategies in a best-of-nine format. 

Valorant Patch 2.09: Tactical Timeouts

Valorant Patch 2.09: Full Notes and Details
  • The new patch added tactical timeouts to Tournament Mode Custom Games
  • 2 tactical timeouts can be called per game, per team.
  • Tactical timeouts last 60 seconds.
  • Tactical timeouts freeze all player movements for the duration of the timeout.
  • For technical pauses, the standard Pause Match Timer option is still available.

Valorant Patch 2.09: Agent Changes


Viper got a slight nerf and some tweaks in the latest patch. In the previous patch, we saw her Instant Decay deal 50 damage but it was too much according to the devs and they are dialing it back a little. 

  • Instant decay inflicted when entering Viper’s smoke or crossing her wall, from 50 to 30

Valorant Patch 2.09: Map Changes


  • Blocked vision of the gaps above Mid-Wood Doors and A Metal Doors
  • Smoothed player collision in various locations

Valorant Patch 2.09: Competitive Changes

  • The Breeze-only queue will end and Breeze will enter the standard Unrated and Competitive queue
  • Only the current Act should show a ranked rating threshold bar from now on.
  • Fixed a number of exploits around the map
  • Fixed an issue where players could sandwich themselves in between Sage’s wall and the Mechanical Doors on Breeze (or Ascent)

Valorant Patch 2.09: Gameplay Changes

  • You can now invite people to your party with Riot ID

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