Dr Disrespect Calls Warzone Season 3’s Verdansk 84 Map Disappointing


Dr Disrespect Calls Warzone Season 3’s Verdansk 84 Map Disappointing

Abhimannu Das
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  • Dr Disrespect thinks that Warzone is dying and he is unhappy with the changes in Season 3.
  • He does not like the new map rework and expected a brand new map instead.
  • The streamer is looking forward to the next major AAA title so he can move on from Warzone.

Dr Disrespect is not happy with the new Verdansk 84 map in Call of Duty: Warzone and he thinks it is disappointing. One of the biggest issues the playerbase has with the new map is fan expectations were set high and everyone wanted a brand-new map instead of a reworked one. Changes were made to Verdansk and released for Season 3 and there has been a lot of criticism on social platforms including Reddit, where players have been very vocal. Dr Disrespect wants to move on to a new AAA game and he wants to move on from Warzone. 

Why Dr Disrespect Thinks Warzone is A “Bland Experience”

Season 3 has left a bad taste in Dr Disrespect’s mouth. His first impression of the season has not been great with the map changes not being enough to offer a fresh experience. While Warzone continues to be the go-to game for Doc on stream with a little bit of Valorant thrown in, he does not seem to be enjoying the title since the Season 3 update. He plans to take a break from the game sometime soon as he thinks the game is a “bland experience.” 

In a recent stream, Dr Disrespect said “Another year of Call of Duty: Warzone. Same f**king map. We needed a whole new designed map. The changes are cool, but we wanted a completely new map and new field. I think that was pretty disappointing.” He talked about how the Warzone developers had enough time to create a new map for this year but he is disappointed. 

He has not revealed which game he will be streaming next but it is likely he will be streaming more of Valorant. He said he enjoys the game and the streamer has been vocal about his appreciation for the game. Battlefield 6 is a game he is looking forward to but EA has not put out a release date for the title just yet. Doc is waiting for the next big triple AAA release so he can finally move on from Warzone. He said “We need a new announcement desperately. We need Battlefield bad. We need Halo: Infinite bad. We need more games from the AAA industry.”

Even though the streamer has expressed his disappointment with the game and wants to quit, he has not left the game just yet. It remains to be seen which AAA game catches his attention to make him shift from Warzone. 

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