Valorant Mobile is Reportedly in Development for Android and iOS Devices


Valorant Mobile is Reportedly in Development for Android and iOS Devices

Abhimannu Das
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  • Riot Games may be working on a mobile version of Valorant which might be announced at E3 2021.
  • Sources at IGN India revealed that Riot Games is currently gauging markets that the title might have potential in.
  • There is no official announcement from Riot Games' end just yet and fans will have to wait until E3 next month to find out if the reports are true.

Mobile FPS fans are having a great year with Battlefield Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile, and PUBG: New State being announced. It now seems that Valorant for Android and iOS may be in development as well. IGN India’s sources reportedly told the publication that Valorant Mobile is in the works and that Riot Games is trying to gauge which markets the mobile FPS title would work in. Earlier this year, popular leaker PlayerIGN alleged that Valorant Mobile might be announced at E3 2021 in a video. There is currently no official information available from Riot Games just yet, so fans will have to wait for the studio to make an official announcement to confirm the reports.

When Will Valorant Mobile Come Out?

Riot is currently looking at the regions Valorant Mobile would do well according to sources at IGN India which suggests the game might be close to an actual announcement. Leaker PlayerIGN speculated in March 2021 that Valorant Mobile might be announced at E3 2021. The event will be held from June 12, 2021, to June 15, 2021, and we are just a month away from finding out if his speculations are true. 

Mobile controls were discovered sometime back in 2020, though the controls showing up on the player’s UI might be because of his hybrid device. The mobile controls were discovered during the beta but strings of code were discovered months after the game’s release by dataminer ‘ValorLeaks’ which suggests Riot might actually be working towards releasing Valorant on mobile devices. The game was specifically testing touch controls, and the strings of code were found from the game’s files, which lends credence to the Valorant Leaks’ findings.  

While all of the signs point towards a potential mobile version of Valorant, players should keep their expectations in check. Valorant for console was considered by Riot Games last year but there has been no official announcement about the studio working on a console version still then. With Riot Games currently gauging markets right now, it might be a long time until the game comes to mobile devices. 

With E3 2021 just a month away, players will only have to wait a few weeks to find out of Riot Games is really working on a mobile version of Valorant. The studio has multiple mobile titles already with Wild Rift being League of Legends’ mobile adaptation. The studio has also released Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics for mobile devices which leaves only Valorant as the sole title that does not have a mobile version just yet. 

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