Overwatch Level Borders: What They Mean and How to Farm XP Fast


Overwatch Level Borders: What They Mean and How to Farm XP Fast

Abhimannu Das
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  • Overwatch's level borders are used to denote how much experience you have in the game and are not indicative of skill.
  • There are various ways to level up your borders quickly but consistent playtime is rewarded the most.
  • It is also recommended to play in a party as you get 20% bonus XP when playing with friends.

Overwatch’s level borders indicate the experience of your teammates and yourself and they have been in place since day one. Whenever you earn a certain amount of experience, you rank up to the next tier and restart the process of earning the stars of your border. Figuring out the level of a player going by Overwatch’s level borders can be difficult so here is a quick guide on how to tell a player’s level by looking at their border. While Overwatch’s level borders don’t indicate skill, they can be used to tell if a player is experienced at the game or not. 

How Do Overwatch’s Level Borders Work?

When you start playing the game, you get a default Overwatch Level border of one with no star. For each 100 levels that you achieve by playing the game, you get one star. From Levels 501 to 599, you will have five stars before it upgrades your border and resets all of your stars. Each 600 levels that you earn, you will notice a visual change in your borders. Here are all the borders that are currently available: 

  • Bronze (Level 1-600) 
  • Silver (Level 601-1200)
  • Gold (Level 1201-1800)
  • Platinum (Level 1801-2400)
  • Diamond (Level 2401-3000)

How to Level Up Overwatch’s Level Borders

Here are all the sources of XP to level up Overwatch’s quickly. 

Playing The Game

This is the best source of XP as regular playtime rewards you consistent XP towards your badges. 

Match Completions

Each match completion offers 150 XP. 

First Win of The Day

The first win each day offers a 500 XP boost. 

Consecutive Matches

Playing multiple games in a row will offer 300 bonus XP per match. 


If you are loaded into an ongoing game, you will receive bonus XP if you complete the match. 


If you earn gold, silver and bronze medals you receive bonus XP. Gold medals are worth 150 XP, Silver medals are worth 100 XP and Bronze medals are worth 50 XP. With 5 Gold medals you can receive 750 bonus XP each game. 

Group Bonus

If you play in a group you receive a 20% bonus to all XP earned. The party size does not matter and you can choose to duo queue or even play with a six-stack, the bonus XP will remain the same. 

Avoid Leave Penalties 

Leaving too many matches in a row or disconnecting can restrict you from earning XP for a certain number of matches. 

Double XP Weekends

Overwatch's level borders can be upgraded quickly if you play a lot during double XP weekends which happen multiple times a year. 

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