Apex Legends Decrypt The Passcode Event: How to Complete


Apex Legends Decrypt The Passcode Event: How to Complete

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  • Apex Legends Decrypt The Passcode Event is out now and here is how you can complete the available steps.
  • The first step of the teaser for arena mode is now out but more steps will be added later which will reward a special badge.
  • Players need to collect six holosprays in Olympus and King's Canyon which will allow you to interact with a button in the Firing Range.

Apex Legends’ Decrypt The Passcode is now available and it is very similar to the interactive quest leading up to Horizon’s release. If you have ran into random keycards when opening care packages, they are actually a part of the Apex Legends Decrypt The Passcode Event. Here is a quick guide on how to activate the Decrypt The Passcode event in Apex Legends which gives us a sneak peek into what to expect from the upcoming 3v3 arena mode next month. Completing the quest is supposed to give you a badge according to datamined information but you will need to wait until all of the quest steps are available. 

How to Activate The Apex Legends Decrypt The Passcode Event

Before we figure out how to activate the Apex Legends Season 9 Arena teaser, do note that the quest is time-gated. You will only be able to complete the first step currently. You will eventually be able to head into the firing range and trigger the next step but the full teaser s not currently available.

Step 1: Collect the Keycards

To start the Apex Legends Decrypt The Passcode Event you need to collect a keycard on any map. To collect a keycard you need to grab a care package in either Olympus or King’s Canyon. Simply head to a care package and open it and you will get three keycards for each person in the team. Interact with a keycard and you will successfully trigger the quest. 

Step 2: Find Holosprays

The next part of the quest requires you to find 3 three holosprays. There are three random locations in each match that can contain the holosprays. Here are all known locations 

King’s Canyon 

  1. Top of The Cage.
  2. River side of Bunker.
  3. Top of Crash Site.
  4. Roof of the large structure near the mountainside outside Singh Labs.
  5. Under the entrance of the large structure at the north side of Offshore Rig.
  6. Inside the secret lab at Caustic Treatment.
  7. Under a building on the north side of Creature Containment.
  8. East side of Swamps near the edge of the map.
  9. West side of Runoff.
  10. Top of Skull Salvage.
  11. At a building south of Watchtower South.
  12. Inside The Pit, on the north side.
  13. On the outside of the large bunker at Hydro Dam.
  14. In an open space south of Artillery Battery.
  15. On top of the large wall on the south side of Artillery Battery.
  16. North side of Airbase.
  17. West side of Spotted Lake, near the X-shaped building.


  1. Top of the center building at Autumn Estates.
  2. In the middle of the Arcadia Supercarrier, located on a suspended beam.
  3. On top of a wall in Central Turbine going to Hammond Labs.
  4. On the roof of Hammond Labs.
  5. Behind the central suspended structure on Orbital Cannon Test Site.
  6. Under a bridge in the center of Hydroponics.
  7. Northeast of Elysium.
  8. Under the bridge between Orbital Cannon Test Site and Bonsai Plaza.
  9. On top of a building on the west side of Rift Aftermath.
  10. In the northwesternmost building at Bonsai Plaza.
  11. In the north building at Velvet Oasis.
  12. Inside a building at Energy Depot, near Hammond Labs.
  13. Easternmost part of the map, east of Golden Gardens.
  14. Inside the middle tower at Grow Towers.
  15. Northernmost side of the map, just north of Power Grid.

Step 3: Head to The Lobby

Once you have all six keycards, you need to head to the Lobby and you will notice a phone in the bottom right corner. Press on it and listen to the audio log. 

Step 4: Head to the Firing Range

You can watch the final part of the teaser by heading into the firing range and pressing the button. The teaser will continue when the next step is available and according to datamined footage, you will get a first-hand glimpse of what the arena maps will look like.

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