Apex Legends’ Northstar Video Out Today: Are Titans Being Added to The Game?


Apex Legends’ Northstar Video Out Today: Are Titans Being Added to The Game?

Abhimannu Das
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  • Apex Legends’ Northstar cinematic is out later today and fans are excited to see what Titanfall content is added to the game.
  • Northstar is a titan class from the Titanfall universe which Apex Legends is also based in.
  • Fans are speculating that titans may be added to the game as part of a separate mode or as part of a character's ultimate ability in Apex.

Apex Legends’ Northstar video is set to premiere later today as part of Respawn Entertainment’s Stories of The Outlands cinematics. Northstar is a name of a Titan class from the Titanfall series and the Apex devs have indicated that Titanfall content is heading into the game. Will Apex Legends’ Northstar cinematic hint towards the addition of Titanfall 3 within Apex? Blisk and Ash might also be playing a role in the Apex Legends’ Northstar cinematic which will go live at 3 PM GST/8.30 PM IST. 

What is Apex Legends’ Northstar?  

Apex Legends’ Northstar cinematic might be foreshadowing the arrival of Titanfall content later this year. Northstar is a Titan class that is based on the Stryder chassis design and it focuses heavily on high mobility and precision damage. She has access to cluster missiles and a railgun. Valk and Pariah are set to be the next two legends in the game and Northstar might be an ultimate ability of a future legend that will show up in Season 11 or later. 

Apex Legends and Northstar would be the perfect fit if Respawn wants to bring the titan class into the popular battle royale. Northstar is known for her short hovers and limited aerial mobility. Viper is one of the only pilots who had access to the modifications needed to make her fly like a normal aircraft. However, according to the lore Viper is dead and is unlikely to be a future legend in the game. 

Will Titans Be Available As A Separate Mode in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is already experimenting with 3v3 arenas which will offer multiplayer gameplay within closed map environments instead of the standard battle royale experience. One of the biggest reasons behind the downfall of Titanfall 2 was its poor launch timing. Despite it receiving fantastic reviews with an 87% average critic rating and a 94% critic recommendation, it did not sell too well. 

The game also has a 96% positive rating since its release on Steam. The game was launched right between Battlefield and Call of Duty which made it difficult for players to pick up Titanfall 2 over the other two popular titles. Apex Legends’ Northstar cinematic will offer us more insight on what to expect from the future of the game and if fans should be expecting titans within the battle royale. 

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