Escape From Tarkov Quests Guide: Mission Types, Quest Givers and More


Escape From Tarkov Quests Guide: Mission Types, Quest Givers and More

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  • Escape From Tarkov's quests allow you to earn currency, gear and other items that are essential for regular gameplay.
  • Here is a rundown of all the quests that you can complete to earn gear and standing in the game.
  • Peacekeeper is unavailable by default and you will need to complete Skier's quests to access the NPC.

Escape From Tarkov’s quests are essential if you want to quickly rake in currency and get good gear. There are a bunch of tasks that you can do to earn roubles, euros, dollars, weapons, armor and more. Some of the Escape From Tarkov quests are involve picking up items or simply heading to other locations while some quests can be very difficult. Here is a quick rundown of all the quest types and the vendors who offer Escape From Tarkov Quests in the game. You can click on the individual links for each vendor to check out their quests, objectives and associated rewards that you can earn by completing them. 

Escape From Tarkov Quest Givers

Here are all the NPCS who give quests in Escape From Tarkov. 


Prapor is one of the best sources of roubles and weapons. 

All quests for Prapor: 


You need to complete these ETV quests to get healing items and other essential gear. 

All quests for Therapist: 


Weapons, backpacks and armor are available from Skier’s quests and he also allows you to unlock Peacekeeper. 

All quests for Skier: 


Peacekeeper is your first source of dollars in the game and he has 27 quests available currently. 

All quests for Peacekeeper:


The mechanic’s quests offer weapon modifications and bitcoins. 

All quests for Mechanic: 


These quests allow you to get high-tier armor from 27 different quests. 

All quests for Ragman: 


 If you want survival items, you want to complete Jaeger’s Escape From Tarkov Quests.

All quests for Jaeger: 


This mysterious character has just one quest for you which unlocks the Kappa container.

All quests for Fence: 

Escape From Tarkov Quest Types 

There are over 200 quests in Escape From Tarkov and these are the categories that you can divide them in. 

  • Elimination: These EFT quests involve finding specific targets and taking them out. Prapor is the primary source of Elimination quests. 
  • Pick Up: These EFT quests require you to collect specific items and hand them over to complete the quest.
  • Discover: Discover quests involve raiding certain locations and surviving hordes of enemies. They can be very difficult if you do not have the right gear. These are among the most interesting Escape From Tarkov Quests. 
  • Exploration: Exploration quests involve visiting multiple locations specified by the quest giver. 
  • Parameter Oriented Modding: These Escape From Tarkov quests introduce you to weapon modding and are needed to upgrade your weapons. 
  • Standing: You need to earn standing with a specified vendor to complete these quests. 
  • Skill: These ETV quests require you to upgrade a specific skill to a certain level. 
  • Completion: These quests include a mix of various objectives from the other categories.

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