Escape From Tarkov Wipe: Reset Date, Schedule and Speculation


Escape From Tarkov Wipe: Reset Date, Schedule and Speculation

Abhimannu Das
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  • Escape From Tarkov's wipe is scheduled for later this year but there is no confirmed date just yet for the content update patch.
  • Wipes are usually accompanied by new content, a reset on gear and other additions to the game.
  • The game will continue to have wipes until the full release of the game once the closed beta testing is over.

Escape From Tarkov’s wipe is scheduled for later this year where all the missions will disappear along with your gear and you will need to work towards your standing with traders all over again. While that does sounds like a lot of grind, Escape From Tarkov’s wipe will add fresh new content and make early game PVP refreshing again. Since the game is in closed beta, Escape From Tarkov’s wipe might not be the last. There may be more future wipes which will reset your progress until the game is ready for a global launch for all players.

What is A Wipe in Escape From Tarkov?

Many new players may be taken by surprise when Escape From Tarkov’s wipe hits. A wipe essentially removes everything form your character and you get to experience a fresh new start. Wipes usually happen when Battlestate adds new maps, new tasks, features, and other major updates. Wipes might sound counterintuitive to player progression but they serve a purpose.

Wipes help players be on the same playing field and it increases the usage rate of lower-tier items. Once you are geared up and in the lategame, there is very little reason to use low-tier armor. Escape From Tarkov’s wipe will put new players and veterans on ta level playing field and make the game feel fair.

When is Escape From Tarkov’s Wipe?

Escape From Tarkov next wipe's date has not yet been announced. There is no determined schedule for wipes with there being three wipes in 2018, two wipes in 2019 and just one wipe in 2020. The last wipe was on December 24, 2020.What to Expect from Escape From Tarkov’s Wipe?

Escape From Tarkov’s wipe will introduce new gear, new maps and more content. The game offers a mix of PVE and PVP and gear is permanent in the game which means that experienced players start off with better gear than newer players. Wipes ensure that everyone has a fair playing experience. However, Battlestate seeks to stop wipes once the game goes out of closed beta but seasonal resets might be the way forward for the game

Battlestate has already teased season passes for the game, and it might adopt a model similar to games like Destiny or even MMOs. Players will need to grind new gear each season from new content, which will keep the PVP experience fresh and fair for all players

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