Everything We Know About Apex Legends’ Arena Mode


Everything We Know About Apex Legends’ Arena Mode

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  • Apex Legends’ Arena Mode might drop as early as this season by early-May and it will feature 3v3 gameplay.
  • The game first experimented with a 3v3 mode back in World's Edge where players dropped with pre-defined loadouts.
  • The new game mode will be a permanent addition to the game in addition to its existing battle royale mode.

Apex Legends’ Arena Mode is just the start of the franchise branching outside of battle royale genre. While Apex Legends is a spiritual successor to Titanfall 2, it deviates greatly from classic Titanfall gameplay. Respawn revealed that “later this year, we’ll launch new ways to play the game that take us beyond battle royale.” According to leaks, the developers are working on an Apex Legends Arena Mode which will feature 3v3 gameplay in a limited space. Here is everything we know about the upcoming Apex Legends Arena Mode so far and what fans can expect. 

What is Apex Legends’ Arena Mode?

Apex Legends’ Arena Mode was first discovered within the game’s code nearly two seasons ago. According to the leaks, the new mode will be a permanent addition to the game instead of a limited-time event which the game is known for. It has a position next to the Play and Ranked Leagues in the UI which suggests that Respawn wants to create more game modes within Apex. 

Arenas will be skirmish-style modes with two teams of three fighting it out with each other in the existing maps. It is likely that the maps will be downsized or players will load into restricted areas within the maps to battle it out. Most of the points of interest that exist in the game will be used as maps as revealed in the datamined information. 

How Does The Game Mode Work?

There are two spawn points at each end of the map which are protected by Gibraltar bubbles to prevent spawn killing. High-tier loot drops in the centre of the map, which encourages teams to go out and grab the loot instead of using defensive legends. There will be three rings that will spawn which is similar to the previous event the game introduced (Ring Takeover). 

There are placeholder loadouts in the datamined information suggesting that players will load in with gear instead of having to rely on luck to get the weapons and items you want. It is not very clear how the loadout system works. All of the loot bins lack any armor or weapons meaning that whatever you load in with is what you get to use unless you secure kills.

There is also a Mirage Voyage map which means players will get to play Apex Legends’ Arena mode in the floating boat in King’s Canyon. That is all we know so far and the release date for Apex Legends’ Arena Mode is set for the end of Season 8 according to leakers, which is less than a month away. Respawn Entertainment is yet to confirm any of this information and all information available should be taken with a grain of salt. 

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