Valorant’s Night Market Has Returned with Discounted Cosmetics


Valorant’s Night Market Has Returned with Discounted Cosmetics

Abhimannu Das
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  • Valorant's Night Market has returned with players getting access to six random skins at discounted prices.
  • There are two guaranteed Premium Edition skins available to all players but there is no re-roll feature available this time.
  • The cosmetic purchases are purely optional and the skins will be available at discounted rates till April 20.

Valorant Night Market is one of the best ways to get discounted cosmetics and you can get some very rare skins at attractive prices. The level of discount in the Valorant Night Market depends on how rare the item is and Riot Games has guaranteed two Premium Edition items out of the six items that you can get. All the items are random for each player so it is all about luck when it comes to getting the skins. While fans have requested a re-roll feature in the past, it does not look like we will be able to get second chances with this iteration of Valorant’s Night Market. 

How to Use the Valorant Night Market?

Here is how you can access and use the Valorant Night Market: 

  1. Head to Valorant's Main Menu 
  2. Click on the top-right corner with a card icon
  3. Wait for your six skins to unlock and you will now be able to inspect them and view prices.
  4. You can now purchase any of the six skins presented to you till April 20.

Two of the six items will be from the Premium Edition tier, meaning that their actual value is 1,775 RP and you can grab them at a discount. Once the six items are revealed to you, it is completely optional to buy them but you will not be able to re-roll your drops. The Valorant Night Market will be available from April 7 to April 20. 

There is No Re-Roll Feature Available in The Valorant Night Market 

The randomness in the Night Market is a major concern for players, and despite many fans happy with the new feature, not everyone is happy. If you end up getting skins, you don’t want them in your loot pool, and you have to wait for the next Valorant Night Market Rotation until you are able to get other skins for cheaper. The problem is, you have to wait an entire month to get another set of items that you may or may not like. Depending on your favourite skins, you could be waiting for months to get your cosmetics for cheap.

Developer Lea ‘aeneia’ Hughes responded to fan concerns back in December 2020 and said, “Something like that would take a good amount of time to build, and building it means that our engineers wouldn’t be working on other important things. So, if that’s something we did, it definitely wouldn’t impact the current Night.Market.” However, we did not receive a re-roll feature this time around and it may be a thing that is added in the market’s future iterations.

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