Apex Legends Character Tier List for Season 8 Mayhem


Apex Legends Character Tier List for Season 8 Mayhem

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  • Apex Legends Character Tier List for Season 8 sees Horizon retain her spot as the number one Legend once again despite recent nerfs.
  • Fuse and Rampart are the worst Legends according to Respawn Entertainment's statistics and they require major buffs to be viable.
  • Wraith continues to dominate despite a string of buffs for the last two years to no avail.

Our Apex Legends character tier list for Season 8: Mayhem takes a look at all of the characters available ingame and breaks down their strengths. While the game focuses heavily on gunplay, there is no denying that some of these legends have abilities that can swing fights in your favour. Horizon continues to be an outlier in the meta in our Apex Legends Character Tier List and she is due to get some nerfs in the near future. Rampart and Fuse continue to be at the bottom and it is unlikely they will see competitive play unless they receive major buffs. Here is a breakdown of the current meta and a closer look at the Apex Legends character tier list. 

Apex Legends Character Tier List: S-Tier

S-Tier characters are among the best and they can offer utility during fights on their own. 


Horizon continues to be the single best Legend in the game. Since her release, she has received a few tweaks to her kit but she continues to be dominant. Some of the recent complaints about her character include her in-air strafing being too good and her Q cooldown being too short. She will receive nerfs in a future patch as confirmed by the devs but until then, she will hold her spot as the best Legend in the game right now. 


Despite major nerfs to her kit and changes to her animations, Wraith’s pickrate refuses to go down no matter how hard Respawn tries to bring down her viability. She is the poster child of Apex and continues to be one of the most important Legends in the game as she allows you to disengage with her Into The Void and safely rotate with her portals. Good Wraith players can pull off incredible plays in the final zone and win games on their own. 


Bloodhound’s passive ability that allows them to track recent activity around the map and get access to wallhacks on a cooldown is incredible. They are among the best Legends in the game and Beast of The Hunt is just a cherry on top of an already versatile kit. All kills and assists during their ult allow you to extend your ultimate duration and get an incredible speed boost and wallhacks. 

Apex Legends Character Tier List: A-Tier

While they are not as good as S-Tier Legends, characters in this tier have incredible utility and  help teammates in any situation. 


Gibraltar used to dominate the Apex Legends character tier list but he has fallen out of favour over time. Recent changes to his kit has brought down his power, but only a little. A slow charging ultimate that can completely shut down the final zone and a very useful bubble that can keep you safe as you revive teammates faster are great to have. If you can play around his bubble and duel with his arm-shields, you will master the true art of being an ‘unkillable Gibby’. 


Octane mains are looked down by the community because of their overly aggressive playstyle and many tend to hit the ‘Leave Game’ button just as fast as Octane sprints. His jump pads take just a minute to refresh and his health regen is fast enough to quickly recover from fights. His speed and great strafing/crouching animations make him a solid pick in any rank at the moment and is arguably a better pick than Pathfinder in many situations. 

Apex Legends Character Tier List: B-Tier

B-Tier Legends are not bad picks in a vacuum but they have certain elements in their kit that are just not good enough. But they are still worth running in a lot of situations if you have the right comp.  


Pathfinder is just a worse Octane currently except in fringe situations. We still do not know why Respawn added Low Profile to his hitbox, which makes him way too easy to kill at times owing to his large hitbox. Overall, he is a decent pick but not the king of the Apex Legends Character Tier List like he used to be in the early seasons. 


Lifeline has been a solid pick in every Apex Legends Character Tier List and it does not change. While her tactical and ultimate do not offer any benefits during fights, her passive ability to revive while fighting is incredibly potent and can help during combat. She is a solid pick but she is not as good as she used to be with her fast healing capabilities taken out. 


Do you like bamboozling your enemies? We do too. He is one of the most fun legends to pick and his ability to go invisible when reviving are great but he is more of a cleanup hero that can pick off low enemies instead of offering great value during teamfights. 


While he was one of the most picked Legends during the Kings Canyon split, he is not as good in Olympus’ ranked split because of the lack of closed quarters combat in most areas. His ultimate is great but his Q and passive leave a lot to be desired. 


Caustic was one of the deadliest agents in every Apex Legends Character Tier in recent times but with the return of Olympus as the ranked map, his utility has dropped down. However, if you have a high mobility team comp to rotate around zones, he is freakishly good when holding buildings and in the final zone.


Wattson is a weird one because she has always been great in pro play but was outshined by Caustic in recent metas. Good Wattson players can offer tremendous value to their teams but you have to adhere to a certain playstyle to make use of her kit. If you like holding buildings and setting up defences, she is still a solid pick.

Apex Legends Character Tier List: C-Tier

While some of the Legends in this category offer some value, they are easily outshined by other Legends from the previous tiers. Some of these legends require you to be immobile while others simply do not have good enough abilities to warrant running them. 


One of the worst characters in the game right now with an underwhelming ultimate and a boring Q. His ability to equip more grenades is fun but we can’t recommend the Legend in good conscience as a Legend to pick if you want to climb ranked in his current state. 


She can be an asset to the team in the early game but her Q ability continues to be buggy, which keeps her in C-Tier. She needs some quality-of-life changes which will push her into the B or A tier. During the early game you can gear up and take fights very quickly but she offers 0 utility during fights which is something most of the Legends in higher tiers are capable of.


While ShivFPS might be the solo queue warlord, it cannot be denied that Bangalore is not a “great” character. She is great for disengaging and her smokes can keep your protected. Digital Threat pickups can greatly help you fight in your smokes but there are Legends that do everything better than her with less risk at times. 


Quite possibly the worst character in the game right now. While a well placed SHEILA can be deadly, the need to be stationary in a high-octane game like Apex Legends is what keeps her from being useful as players can easily outmanoeuvre you and take you down. 


Crypto can offer great utility but the only thing holding him back is that his drone and Crypto himself are two separate entities. If there was a way to perform basic tasks with the drone without being stationary, it would push Crypto a lot higher up in the Apex Legends Character Tier List. 

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