Former Cloud9 CS:GO IGL ALEX Rejects Offer to Join G2’s Valorant Roster


Former Cloud9 CS:GO IGL ALEX Rejects Offer to Join G2’s Valorant Roster

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  • Former Cloud9 CS:GO Pro Alex ‘ALEX’ McMeekin may be making his move to Valorant to compete in the Valorant Champions Tour.
  • The player is currently a part of Team Bref, a French organization competing in the VCT qualifiers.
  • G2 reportedly offered ALEX a chance to tryout but he rejected the offer according to CS:GO and Valorant insider neLindirekt.

Reports of former Cloud9 IGL Alex ‘ALEX’ McMeekin switching from CS:GO to Valorant was doing the rounds with the player registering to play in the Valorant Champions Tour with a French team. While the other players in his roster made a formal announcement, ALEX did not share any details of his move to competitive Valorant. However, his name was listed on the official registrations page for the VCT. Soon after the news of ALEX competing in the Valorant Champions Tour came up, rumours of the player joining G2 Esports started doing the rounds.

ALEX is Still Considering His Options

Former Cloud9 CS:GO IGL ALEX Rejects Offer to Join G2’s Valorant Roster

ALEX is currently part of Team Bref, a French team competing in Valorant Champions Tour. The player is campaigning the squad and he was the first to break news of him and his former squad moving to Valorant after the former C9 roster was broken up. According to recent reports, G2 made a formal offer to sign ALEX but the player rejected the European organization’s proposal.

The first rumours of G2 being interested in Alex started doing the rounds on April 2, when rumours of the former CS:GO pro trying out for an IGL position in G2 were all over social media. However, CS:GO and Valorant insider neLindirekt shared on April 3 that this was not the case. According to neL, G2 made an offer but ALEX did not trial with them.

The report revealed He didn’t trial with them. He just got the offer. And actually said no.” neL added that the situation can evolve and indicated that both parties had some mutual interest despite ALEX turning down the offer as of now. Nel added that ALEX is not ready to make a permanent switch to Valorant yet and is currently going over his options “before really switching to Valorant.”

The player had to leave Cloud9 as remote training caused the team “undue stress and difficulties”, which forced the organization to exit the space for now. The player might stick with Team Bref or find a new CS:GO team. He is the only former Cloud9 player who has not made his intentions clear yet and it remains to be seen how he decides to move ahead from his career with Cloud9. 

It also remains to be seen what changes G2 Esports has in mind for its current Valorant roster. Currently, it is already one of the best teams in Europe and the organization may be looking to secure its foothold as a serious contender for the VCT Championships.  

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