The Best April Fool’s Day 2021 Jokes and Pranks in Gaming and Esports So Far


The Best April Fool’s Day 2021 Jokes and Pranks in Gaming and Esports So Far

Abhimannu Das
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  • April Fool’s Day has returned with some of the most popular games and esports organizations making fake announcements or hosting fun in-game events.
  • Some of the posts this year were very believable while some of them would be great if true including TNC's entry into Valorant.
  • R6 Siege's Rainbow is Magic event is one of the most fun in-game treats available this year as part of its April Fool's celebrations.

April Fool’s Day has returned with some of the most popular games and esports organizations ready to pull pranks on us. While 2020 turned out to be a dull year and not too many of these pranks managed to cheer us up amidst the global pandemic, things are looking a whole lot more cheerful this year. Here is a compilation of some of the best April Fool’s Day pranks by gaming and esports organizations this year. Some of them are truly interesting and we would not mind seeing them get turned into reality for the fans. From Free Fire to Valorant, everyone joined in on the fun this year. 

Free Fire Announces Farming Simulator

Free Fire released a teaser for a new game dubbed Free Farmer, which is a farming game similar to Stardew Valley. But the social media pages of the game were quick to notify players to not get their hopes high as it was just an April Fool’s Day prank. 

TNC Predator Announces Valorant Squad

While we did get some legitimate news today about TSM signing Braxton “brax” Pierce, Filipino favourites TNC Predator announced that it is moving into Valorant. The team posted “Get ready for some Valorant action! We are excited to announce that TNC Pro team will extend its strength to another esports title. With Gabbidota's captainship, we are confident that they will bring home great achievements and solidify Filipino Valorant prowess!” 

Global Esports Reveals SkRossi’s Real Identity

Global Esports put out a hilarious video revealing that Forsaken is actually SkRossi. It was a light-hearted video and is not meant to disrespect any individual. The organization revealed “At GE we take fair play and the right non toxic plays seriously, but today is a weird day for all of us. Weird day for all of us to remind us to relax a little. Remember what brought us to gaming originally. It’s the fun side. Hopefully, you all will understand.”

Neon Esports

Neon Esports revealed that its team will be switching from to Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joysticks against Fnatic on the main stage event today. The team revealed that it was forced to choose between joysticks or controllers so the team chose joysticks and it is a complete disaster.

Valorant Introduces Dating Sim Game

Riot Games announced its fake game “Valorant: Agents of Romance” which is a dating sim game that took no one by surprise. The images of the reveal were leaked before Riot Games officially made its social media posts. But considering Riot Games’ investment into various genres including card games in 2020, a dating sim might not be completely out of the question in the future. 

Razer Releases Chroma Hair Dye

Razer revealed that it is working on a new hair dye that offers customizable RGB lighting for your hair for added immersion when gaming. Needless to say, such a product does not exist. But, we are sure there would be people interested if technology takes us that far. 

Golden Mozambiques are Back in Apex Legends

Gold Mozambique will be added to the loot pool with bonus damage and more ammo reserves as part of the April Fools’ update with 19 damage per pellet and 9 rounds. The Gold P2020 will deal 25 damage, have +7 ammo and deal 190 damage while on a zipline/balloon. 

Rainbow Six Siege Adds Rainbow Event

Siege’s Rainbow event is here with everything in the game looking very colourful and vibrant. The Rainbow is Magic event is available for a limited time so if you have been missing out on the action, you should login and try it out right now. 

Marvel Contest of Champions Announces Aunt May Character and Brings Back Big Head Mode

Marvel Contest of Champions brought back their popular Big-Head in-game event mode where a select few Champions have a surprising reaction to Pym Particles causing them to have enlarged heads. The mode runs from April 1 ~ April 3.

The game also announced a new "Champion" (that is fake) coming to the game - Aunt May, as a Herald of Galactus! The developers went all out with the announcement, putting up a detailed backstory and abilities list on their website.

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