Riot Games Announces Valorant: Agents of Romance Dating Sim


Riot Games Announces Valorant: Agents of Romance Dating Sim

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  • Valorant: Agents of Romance is a spinoff game that will release later this year as part of Riot Games' vision of taking Valorant beyond just a FPS title.
  • There is no confirmed release date just yet but the developers have promised a release in 2021.
  • The game will be exclusive to PC players and Riot Games has no plans of bringing the title to console or mobile platforms.

Following the success of League of Legends’ Spirit Blossom event which featured dating sim components, Riot Games is adding a full-blown dating sim expansion for Valorant fans. The new game is titled Valorant: Agents of Romance and it will be Riot’s first full dating sim game which will release later in 2021. According to the game’s description, players will get to experience the life of Valorant’s agents in training. 

Valorant: Agents of Romance Overview

Image Credit: Riot Games

The gameplay features classic dating sim elements and itemization. Valorant: Agents of Romance players will be able to collect items, go on dates and “save the universe”. A release date for the game is yet to be revealed but Riot Games has promised more information later this year. 

According to Executive Producer Anna Donlon “We’ve been looking into ways to expand and explore the VALORANT universe, even prior to launch, and when we landed on a dating sim, it just made sense. We believe that everyone can relate to and enjoy the Agents of VALORANT, whether they’re tac-shooter players or dating sim players.”

Joe Killeen, Narrative Writer for VALORANT and VALORANT: Agents of Romance revealed “Our Agents are living, breathing individuals that are as expressive as our players. Agents of Romance allows us to put those inner emotions and human connections front and center, and we can explore who these individuals are when the uniform is off and the guns are stored away.”

According Riot, the developers wanted to add Agents of Romance as a casual game mode within Valorant but the team decided to turn it into a separate game altogether. The game will be available for PC players only. Riot Games has not revealed any plans to release the game to other platforms. 

Valorant: Agents of Romance is A Part of Riot Games’ April Fools Joke Promos

Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games is known for its highly detailed April Fools’ jokes in all of its games. Valorant: Agents of Romance is not an actual game and it is a part of this year’s line-up of jokes the developers have in store for fans. April Fools was originally a joke during the early days of League of Legends with the first-ever event taking place in 2010. But Riot saw the opportunity to give something back to the fans, and we now have elaborate events with new game modes and hilarious skins for older champions. We might see an actual joke game mode make an appearance in Valorant in a future April Fool’s event similar to League of Legends. 

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