Valorant Infantry Collection: Release date, Skin Prices, More


Valorant Infantry Collection: Release date, Skin Prices, More

Abhimannu Das
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  • Valorant's Infantry Collection was teased recently and a number of leaks have confirmed that the skin bundle is dropping later today.
  • The skins are priced at 875 VP each and the entire bundle will set players back by 3,500 VP.
  • Players who purchase the bundle will get skins for Classic, Ares, Spectre, Guardian and Operator.

Valorant’s Infantry collection was teased recently and it will be launched officially when Prime 2.0 is no longer the featured bundle. Riot Games has stepped up its cosmetics game with Glitchpop 2.0 and the battle pass skins being well received by the community. The Valorant Infantry Collection offers cosmetics themed around World War 2. The skins were added with patch 2.05 but they are not available in the store yet. You can expect the Valorant Infantry Collection to go live in the in-game store later today. Here is a look at all the details of the collection, the skin prices and everything else you need to know about the new collection. 

Valorant Infantry Collection Overview

The new skin collection’s offerings share a World War 2 theme with classic designs. It is a big change from the usual futuristic weapon designs Valorant is known for. Here are the weapons that are receiving skins as part of the collection: 

  • Classic
  • Spectre
  • Ares
  • Operator
  • Guardian

The skins can be purchased separately or as a bundle. 

Valorant Infantry Collection Price

The skins are priced at 875 VP each and the entire bundle is priced at 3,500 VP. If you like all of the skins, the bundle will be much cheaper than getting all of the skins separately. However, if you want to get just a handful of the skins you should skip the bundle and get the skins you want for your favorite weapons. 

Valorant Infantry Collection Release Date

The new Valorant Infantry Collection will be available on March 18th according to leaks. You will be able to purchase the skins later today once the collection goes live. You can purchase the skins individually as well as the entire bundle. There is no word on when the cosmetics will be available in the Night Market.

The skins are very simple and are affordable compared to other collections like Elderflame and Glitchpop. So far the most popular bundle this year has been Glitchpop 2.0. The new Glitchpop 2.0 bundle is a follow-up to the original Glitchpop bundle which was very popular. These are among the best new skins in Valorant that you can pick up for 8,700VP if you want to get the full bundle or you can also grab one of the skins individually for your favorite weapons. 

The cyberpunk theme and neon colors pop out quite well in-game but it will cost you a lot more in comparison to the Infantry collection’s price of 3,500 VP.  

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