Valorant Update: Patch 2.05 Full Details


Valorant Update: Patch 2.05 Full Details

Abhimannu Das
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  • Valorant Update: Patch 2.05 brings a host of much needed changes to reduce toxicity within the game.
  • AFKing and dodging games are now punished harshly and players can receive game bans due to repeated disruptive behaviour.
  • The patch has also led to an issue with anti-virus software preventing the game for working for players and Riot is currently working on a fix.

Valorant Update: Patch 2.05 just landed and it brought a number of changes that seeks to address toxicity issues within Valorant. The social and player dynamics team talked about the changes in the patch notes and revealed that the new update will allow the game to detect AFKing better and promotes better behaviour through harsher penalties. Starting with Valorant Update: Patch 2.05 players who are comms-restricted will no longer be able to queue into competitive matches. There are some agent updates as well along with a host of bug fixes. Here is everything you need to know about Valorant Update: Patch 2.05. 

Valorant Update: Patch 2.05 Agent Updates


Sova now has unique keybinds in the options menu for flying up and down when using his Owl Drone. 


Sova now has unique keybinds in the options menu for flying up and down when using her Astral Form.

Valorant Update: Patch 2.05 Competitive Changes

  • The Career: Act Rank tab has a toggle that allows you to enable or disable your rank. It is turned on by default but if you do not wish to display your rank, you can turn it off. 
  • The Match History tab allows you to filter your matches per mode. This allows you to look at only Competitive matches instead of all modes being accounted for in one place. 
  • Players will receive a rank rating penalty for dodging Competitive games. 
  • Radiant Rank Rating gains and losses have been adjusted to put them in line with Immortal rating behaviour. 
  • In addition to the above changes, some visual changes to custom games have also been added to the game.

Valorant Update: Patch 2.05 Social Changes

Valorant Update: Patch 2.05  now allows the game to detect AFK behaviour easily and penalties for AFK offences have been added. AFKing in matches can lead to: 

  • Warnings 
  • Queue restrictions 
  • XP denial
  • Competitive queue bans
  • Game bans

Chat-based offences have also been updated and such offences can lead to: 

  • Warnings 
  • Chat restrictions 
  • Competitive queue restrictions 
  • Game bans 

These changes do not apply to zero-tolerance offences which include breaking terms of service (e.g. cheating and game manipulation). 

Other changes in the patch include bugfixes, network issues and exploits. The patch has also led to an issue where players are unable to login due to Valorant Shipping Error 0xc0000005. Riot has acknowledged the issue and has stated “we're currently investigating a fix for this. One of the client updates is not playing nicely with some non-riot software on some players' machines. We're working to narrow it down and get a fix out as soon as possible.”

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