Sentinels Valorant Pro Sinatraa Accused of Sexual Abuse by His Ex-Girlfriend


Sentinels Valorant Pro Sinatraa Accused of Sexual Abuse by His Ex-Girlfriend

Abhimannu Das
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  • Sentinels' Valorant player Sinatraa has been accused by his ex-girlfriend of sexual abuse in a 9-page document released via Twitter.
  • The document includes an audio clip and screenshots of conversations from text messages.
  • Sinatraa or Sentinels have not issued a statement regarding Cle0h's claims yet .

Sinatraa was accused of sexual abuse by his ex-girlfriend Cleo "cle0h" Hernandez who released an extensive statement detailing her alleged abuse. Sinatraa was also accused of mental abuse, manipulation, and lying. Cleoh also stated that their relationship lasted for nine-months and she lived in constant fear during the time. The document includes screenshots of text messages and an audio clip of a conversation with the Sentinals Pro. She also alleged that the popular esports player would force himself on her and would “leave her crying in the bathroom” after being intimate. Cle0h added that if she revealed everything, the document would be over 15 pages long. Sinatraa has not yet responded to these allegations.

Who is Sinatraa?

Sinatraa was formerly a part of SF Shock and won Overwatch League 2019 and also took home the MVP in the same year. Cle0h and Sinatraa were in a relationship during his career as an Overwatch pro. After Valorant launched this year he made the move to Sentinels’ roster which is regarded to be the best in NA alongside TSM. They were unable to secure a win at First Strike NA after 100 Thieves. Sentinels won the JBL Quantum Cup, Pop Flash, and PAX Arena Invitational towards the end of 2020.  

Cle0h’s Allegations on Sinatraa

Cle0h started her statement by talking about how she avoided talking about aspects of her relationship for well over a year because of how badly women are treated when they speak out against prominent figures. Cle0h stated that she thinks that Sinatraa will try to take her down by using his image and claim all of what she is stating is untrue.  

The document of allegations posted by Cle0h contains a dozen screenshots as well as an audio file that contains a conversation between the former couple (trigger warning). According to her, 

“This is just one clip of audio from a conversation and situation that happened countless times. Countless. It’s just the only one I have proof of. In the video itself, which obviously I will not be showing anyone, he is physically moving me to get me to still have sex with him while I’m saying no. When I say “I don’t wanna” I get out of his hold on me and move away. If you don’t want to listen to it I completely understand.”

As a result of this, Cle0h stated that she had called sexual assault survivor hotlines countless times and that she was in therapy. 

“I’ve called sexual assault hotlines countless times. Talked in anonymous groups for women who have been assaulted. Spent over a year of my life in therapy trying to heal myself and get back what he took from me. Had nightmares about it countless nights where I lay in bed and wonder what I did to deserve what he did to me”

Cle0h also accused Sinatraa of consistent emotional abuse, posting several screenshots of arguments between the two and also stated that there was more that didn’t happen over text messages.

Sentinels Valorant Pro Sinatraa Accused of Sexual Abuse by His Ex-Girlfriend
Image via Cle0h

She revealed that there are more details that she intentionally left out and detailing everything would make the document over 15 pages long. She stated that Sinatraa is a very significant figure in esports and he can just say “that’s not true” and people might take his side. She concluded her statement by saying that she was not trying to ruin his reputation but was making it more accurate.

"He's not "reformed". He didn't stop being toxic, he just moved on from bullying kids in game to putting down someone who loved and supported him. Everyone used to know how toxic he was and hurtful, but it seemed like everyone forgot. If you knew that kid then this shouldn't come as a surprise to you. He is a liar. He is a manipulator"

Sinatraa and Sentinels Are Yet to Respond to the Accusations

Sinatraa is yet to respond to the document posted by Cle0h. He most recently represented NA Valorant organization Sentinals in the Valorant Champions Tour. The organization is also yet to offer a comment on the matter. AFK Gaming has reached out to Sentinels for a comment and will update this article if and when they respond.

Over the past 12 months, the world of gaming and esports has been shaken as many women from various fields have come forward with allegations ranging from unwanted flirting to blatant sexual abuse within the industry. Many prominent personalities have been ousted from the gaming and esports scene as a result of these allegations. This has also lead to increased support toward the reformation in the gaming and esports industry.

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