Valorant Gift Cards: How to Purchase Valorant Points and Redeem Them


Valorant Gift Cards: How to Purchase Valorant Points and Redeem Them

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  • You can purchase Valorant gift cards to send to your friends or redeem on your account to unlock cosmetics or purchase the battle pass.
  • Currently, physical gift cards are sold only in the US but there are Valorant Points recharge services available officially from many online retailers globally.
  • You cannot redeem gift cards from a different region in your region and there is no way to convert the currencies like Steam gift cards either.

Valorant gift cards are available at a number of online and retail stores but you should be careful about which places you can trust. There is an official list of retailers that Riot Games has partnered with and you should never purchase codes from any other source. There are no exclusive Valorant gift cards available with Riot Games unifying their League of Legends prepaid cards into “Riot Gift Cards” that can be redeemed for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and Valorant. There are official Valorant Points sellers as well like Codashop that let you top up your account at the same price as the game’s in-game store. Here is a quick rundown of which stores you can trust to purchase Valorant gift cards.

Riot Games Prepaid Cards 

Valorant Gift Cards: How to Purchase Valorant Points and Redeem Them
Physical gift cards are available only in the US. Image credit: Riot Games

You can purchase Riot Games Prepaid cards that you can use as Valorant gift cards or in other Riot titles. You can purchase them in the following denominations: 

  • $10
  • $25
  • $50
  • $100

Prepaid gift cards for VALORANT can only be purchased in the United States and Europe. These cards are region-locked, so even if you purchase a card through Amazon, it will not be redeemable in a non-eligible Region. Valorant Points are available globally from multiple online retailers like Codashop. You can see the list of supported retailers from the in-game store in your region. 

Valorant Gift Cards Supported Retailers

Valorant Gift Cards: How to Purchase Valorant Points and Redeem Them

Here is a non-exhaustive list of officially recognized retailers listed by Riot Games. There are other retailers that offer cards officially but we recommend reaching out to Riot Games Support to confirm if they are officially partnered with the studio before making a purchase. 

  • Amazon
  • Walmart 
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Gamestop
  • Electronics Boutique 
  • Couche-Tard

Upon purchasing your cards, remember to keep the card and the store receipt until you are able to verify that you have successfully redeemed the card. If any error occurs with the redemption process, your card and store receipt will be required by the Valorant support staff. 

Can You Purchase Valorant Gift Cards From Any Region

Digital gift cards are sold globally while physical gift cards are sold only in specific regions. You cannot purchase a code from one region and use it in a different region. For example, if you are purchasing a Valorant gift card from Amazon, make sure you access your local Amazon website instead of unless you are in the US. 

Remember that the Valorant gift cards are PC-Only and are region locked, meaning if you purchase a card in Australia or New Zealand, that card will only be redeemable on the OCE server. Similarly, if you purchase a card in the United States or Canada, the card will only be redeemable on the NA server.

Redeeming Valorant Gift Cards

Valorant Gift Cards: How to Purchase Valorant Points and Redeem Them
Image Credit: Riot Games

While Riot Games prepaid cards are available at physical stores and are usable in all games, VALORANT prepaid cards are available digitally through Amazon. Whenever you purchase a gift card, you need to have your code ready, which you receive via email. 

  1. Log into the VALORANT game client.
  2. Click on the VALORANT icon located to the right of the Store tab
  3. Select Prepaid Cards & Codes
  4. Input the code provided for your card
  5. Press Submit
  6. Your points will now be credited to your account.

The safest way to purchase Valorant Points is to buy them in-game but if you want to gift VP to your friends or family, only then should you opt for Valorant gift cards. 

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