New Valorant Skins: Celestial and Anime-style Skins Arrive For Lunar New Year

Abhimannu Das
Published On: 23 Feb 2021, 09:40 AM
  • Valorant's new skins are truly unique with the Celestial Bundle offering vivid animations and classic Asian motif-style designs.
  • There is also a GO Volume 1 bundle featuring anime-style skins based on five of the game's agents.
  • There is no pricing information on the anime bundle just yet but the Celestial bundle is available for 7,100 RP.

Valorant’s new skins for the Lunar New Year are very exciting for fans. The Celestial bundle is inspired by Asian-style motifs and was highlighted in a deep-dive video from Ryan and Mysca from HITSCAN. However, what caught everyone by surprise was the GO Volume 1 collection which features anime-style skin. The new Valorant skins are completely animated and feature live animations when you use them in-game. If you are looking for all the details on the Celestial and GO collections and how to get them, here is a quick overview of the new skin collection. 

Valorant New Skins: Celestial Bundle Overview 

The Valorant Celestial Collection features a glossy black and gold texture on all of them and shares the same color scheme across all the weapon and melee skins. The theme is in line with all the other Lunar New Year cosmetics Riot has released for their other titles this year. The Celestial Collection celebrates the Year of The Ox, so you will notice some Ox-themed artwork on all of the weapons. The gun buddy on offer with the bundle is a chibi ox. Here are the new skins that you can get:

  • Celestial Frenzy
  • Celestial Ares
  • Celestial Judge
  • Celestial Phantom
  • Celestial Melee

The melee weapon looks like an ox-themed fan, and when you attack with it, it opens up. The fan has Chinese characters inscribed on it with more Lunar New Year-themed artwork. The collection will set you back by 7,1000 VP, while each of the weapon skins costs 1,775. The melee skin will set you back by 3,445 Valorant Points. 

Valorant New Skins: GO Volume 1 Collection 

The new Valorant skins have an anime-aesthetic featuring five Valorant’s agents, including Reyna, Killjoy, Cypher, Sage, and Jett. The bundle also comes with special gun buddies and sprays included as part of the bundle. Here are the skins you get with the upcoming bundle: 

  • Reyna-themed Phantom
  • Killjoy-themed Spectre
  • Cypher-themed Guardian
  • Sage-themed Ghost
  • Jett-themed Melee

The Go Volume 1 sprays and gun buddies will feature the five agents, and the art style is a mix of anime and Funko Pop style characters. There is no pricing information available on the Go Volume 1 collection yet, but it is likely to be on par with the Celestial collection at 7,100 RP. Riot is also likely to introduce new Valorant skins as part of Go Volume 2 to include more agents from the roster who did not get their own skins in this collection. 

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