Irony Inc. and Esports Charts Announce Partnership in India  to Boost Esports

Irony Inc. and Esports Charts Announce Partnership in India to Boost Esports

Abhimannu Das
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  • Irony Inc. and Esports Charts have partnered to offer data and analytics services in India to esports stakeholders.
  • The partnership seeks to provide provide a great foundation upon which the Indian Esports and Streaming scene can achieve a global standing.
  • There are currently no other federations or official organizations offering similar services in India.

Irony Inc. and Esports Charts announced their partnership today which will see the Irony represent Streams Charts and Esports Charts in India. The goal of the partnership is to deliver analytics in India’s growing esports market. Currently, there are no reliable frameworks for viewership reporting and the partnership seeks help create industry standards for analytics purposes. The partnership will help all stakeholders in the South Asian esports ecosystem through data and analytics offered by Irony and Esports Charts. 

How Esports Charts Analytics Can Help India

Currently, there are no official federations in India to help consolidate all of the esports and live-streaming data. While the Indian Government has acknowledged the growth of esports in the country earlier this month, the Indian Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports revealed that the government has not conducted any research on the industry. Esports Charts’ partnership with Irony Inc. can help establish a framework for viewership reporting and enable stakeholders in India like esports, gaming, content creation, and related industries to take key decisions in the Indian market. 

According to Tushaar Garg, co-founder of Irony Inc, method and structure are important for the rapidly growing esports and live-streaming industry in India. He said, “with this partnership, we are creating a win-win for all stakeholders in the South Asian esports ecosystem". 

Irony Inc. co-founder Ankit Bhatia also explained the necessity of such a service in Indian esports.

"With their data and analytics capabilities, Esports Charts and Streams Charts are considered the gold standard in the esports industry. The company is increasingly sought after as an analytics partner across developed esports markets, and it’s time for Indian esports to take cognizance of data in decision making”.

Esports Charts and Stream Charts CEO Artyom Odinstov revealed developing esports industries require data and analytics to monitor growth accurately. The Indian market is no exception to this and the partnership “provides a great foundation upon which the Indian Esports and Streaming scene can achieve a global standing”.

Irony Inc.'s Plans for Indian Esports

In an exclusive statement to AFK Gaming, Irony Inc.'s Tushaar Garg revealed that they're already capturing data from endemic Indian streaming sites. "We are already capturing data directly from the likes of Loco and Booyah and already in conversation with others," said Garg. "We are, however, working to associate as many platforms as possible with Esports Charts."

He also commented on Irony Inc.'s monetization model in India.

"Marketing monies have still not penetrated India's esports economy like they have in developed markets. Whether it is sponsorships of teams, advertising on platforms or partnering with tournaments, brands will eventually seek data to choose where to invest in esports. Esports organizations will therefore need to use data to earn revenue. Over the last few weeks, we have received a lot of interest from top Indian esports teams to consider subscription to Esports Charts; and as such their interest in leveraging data is on similar lines as the global model."

The partnership will ideally help the stakeholders in the Indian esports market. It removes a layer of uncertainty for investors and can help grow the industry which is still in a developing stage. The country has seen prominent organizations like Velocity Gaming and Fnatic make their way to India and Riot Games officially announced its entry to India as well. The partnership can encourage more such organizations to engage with the Indian community. 

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