Valorant Indian Servers: Will Riot Games Add More Servers in The Country

Valorant Indian Servers: Will Riot Games Add More Servers in The Country

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  • Valorant Indian servers went live in October 2020 but the country was left out of the Champions Tour this year.
  • Riot Games officially announced its entry in India after the announcement of the Champions Tour which could be why we were left out.
  • Official Riot Games events like the Red Bull Campus Clutch are being conducted in India, which is a promising sign for Valorant's growth in India.

Valorant’s Indian servers went live recently in Mumbai and fans are already hoping for more servers to be added to the country. India’s potential gaming market is among the biggest in Asia and having additional servers in regions like Chennai would help players experience the game with minimal latency. So far, Valorant’s Indian servers have been instrumental in helping competitive players in the region. It has also helped create a solid community tournament scene with the likes of Skyesports and TEC hosting high-quality events for players in the country. With Riot Games officially announcing its entry in India last month, the community can expect more Valorant Indian servers, tournaments and more in the coming months. Riot Games is yet to reveal its plans for India, and it remains to be seen if they live up to the expectations of the Indian community. 

Valorant Indian Servers: What Does It Mean For The Future of The Game in The Country

Valoran’s Indian servers went live in October along with the Middle East. The current servers are located in Mumbai which helps most of India connect to the game and play at low latency. But its biggest competitor CS:GO has multiple servers in India and offers more options to players. With a population of over 1.38 billion, the potential for esports is immense, and we hope Riot takes more steps to cater to the Indian audience. 

Riot Games Kept India Out of Champions Tour Despite Adding Valorant Indian Servers

Despite Valorant’s Indian servers being added to the game last year, the country was left out of the ongoing Valorant Champions Tour. Other regions including Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea received slots in the Champions Tour, India did not. We will have to wait until next year to see if we make it to the second iteration of the Champions Tour. 

Riot announced its presence in India well after the announcement of the Champions tour which might be a reason why the country didn’t get a spot at the event. But with the growth of events in the country, the stance may change very quickly. The likes of Red Bull are entering India’s Valorant scene with their Campus Clutch event, which is an official Riot Games-partnered esports event for college students. Fans can expect not just more Valorant Indian servers but also official support for events in the future to cater to the Indian audience. 

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