Valorant Player Count: How Many People Still Play the Riot Games FPS

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Valorant Player Count: How Many People Still Play the Riot Games FPS


  • Valorant's player count peaked at 3 million per day but the game does not share the same amount of hype as before.
  • Riot Games has not shared any data about the Valorant's current player count after the beta ended
  • First Strike and Ignition Series were very popular and the game's esports viewership continues to impress.

Valorant’s player count peaked at 3 million players per day during the two-month beta which is impressive but the playerbase has dipped over time. Player numbers decline in all games over time but regular content updates and events maintain a healthy average for popular titles. Valorant’s player count data was shared by Riot Games multiple times during the game’s early days but the studio has been silent in the recent months and has not shared its current player count recently. In terms of Twitch viewership, the game continues to enjoy a large audience. With over 1.7 million people watching Valorant streams on Twitch last year to 210K in recent months, let’s find out the game’s player count hold up in 2021. 

Valorant Player Count Throughout 2020

Riot Games stated that Valorant had nearly 3 Million players playing the game, per day during the two-month beta. But figures of the current number of players playing the game have not been revealed publicly.

A lot of people claim that Valorant’s player count was inflated due to artificial hype. Riot Games had worked on just one game (League of Legends) in 10 years and out of nowhere, they announced Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and other unnamed titles in 2020. A fighting game and Ruined King is still in the works and with Riot’s reputation of hosting grand esports events, people expected Valorant to go head-to-head with CS:GO. With 3 million players playing the game during the beta daily and a peak of 1.7 million concurrent viewers on Twitch, the game received the recognition it needed at launch. Since then, Riot Games has been silent on the playercount and unlike Steam games, there are no official trackers that players can check to monitor the player numbers.

Valorant Player Count: The Game is Not Dying

Valorant Player Count: How Many People Still Play the Riot Games FPS
Valorant's Twitch Metrics are still impressive in 2021. Image Credit: twitchmetrics

While we do not have any official player numbers from Riot and no third-party websites that track player population, we can use the engagement metrics from Riot’s esports events and Twitch viewership to get an idea of how well the game is doing. While Valorant’s player count is not the same as what it was before, the game is still doing well and is among the top 10 games on Twitch. The esports scene is booming with First Strike and Ignition Series being incredibly successful and the Champions Tour set to be the biggest event yet in 2021. Alliance, Fnatic and other major organizations are making their way to the esports scene and the game set to grow much bigger this year.  

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